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Roll to Disbelieve

The Alternate Reality of Christian Mingle: The Movie.

Last time we met up, we were talking about Christian Mingle: The Movie. It's a rom-com about a young Christian woman who pretends to be very fervent on the dating site Christian Mingle in order to catfish herself a very fervent Christian man who is not what he seems either. Hilarity ensues. Today, having gotten some rest and plenty of water, I'll show you how this movie backfired on its makers by showing us a side of Christianity that Christians really should not want non-believers to know exists.

Sin God

Legendary Lunes: Juan Ponce De Leon And The Fountain Of Youth

Legend: A folkloric definition of legend can be summed up to effectively be stories/folk narratives which are told as true. How does this tie into the well-known explorer Juan Ponce de Leon and his search for the Fountain of Youth? Because the “search” for the Fountain of Youth that Juan Ponce de Leon is at [Read More...]


The Absence of Religion in the Presidential Race Will Be Evident in Tonight’s Debate

Expect the Right to complain about the lack of references to religion in the debates, just as they're fighting back vehemently against the modernization of our laws and societal norms in regards to the LGBTQ and secular movements.

Natural Wonderers

‘Tolerance is on the Ballot’ — and Children Stand to Lose Big

As some of you no doubt heard, President Barack Obama (boy, do I like still writing that) gave a stirring speech Sunday in which he pleaded with every African-American citizen to, GODDAMMIT, FOR THE LOVE OF GOD, GET OUT AND VOTE. Okay, he didn’t put it that way, but he may as well have, as emphatic as [Read More...]


George H.W. Bush is Voting for Hillary Clinton

If you look at his past, it makes disturbing sense.

Leaving Fundamentalism

Out among the stars: Defeating the legacy of religious indoctrination

An ACE escapee finds his place in the universe after years of indoctrination. Contains references to corporal punishment.

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