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Barna is Seeing Through a Mirror, Darkly.

We've been talking about the secularization of America lately. Barna's released a new study that confirms our suspicions and offers even more hope that things may be coming to a head soon; you just have to dig through it a little to find the good stuff.

Godless in Dixie

Ask the Televangelist

[Today's guest post is written by Deanna M. Boudov, a graduate of the Divinity School at Regent and a freelance profanity consultant.] Last week I sat down and wrote my story about my current estranged relationship with my mother and the messy way I ended up going No Contact.  I know some of you who [Read More...]

Love, Joy, Feminism

Any Time I Hear Someone Say “Traditional Marriage”

In the end, "let's keep things the way they are" will always be the argument of those who are not discriminated against or denied equal rights. And as someone who has benefited immensely from things not being kept the way they were, I say to hell with the status quo. Viva la change!


Bernie Sanders in 2012: ‘the American people are angry’

Over at the DailyKos, they have one of presidential candidate Bernie Sanders best speeches.Here is the video and below that are some of my own (and those of DailyKos') favorite moments.

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