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On the Margin of Error

Iranians Pour Into Streets to Protest Against Acid Attacks Against Women

Four women were attacked by acid last week in Isfahan. Iranians are now protesting in the streets against this violence against women.

Love, Joy, Feminism

Talking Back to God

I guess it's just sad to me to see the Christian tradition so sucked dry of discussion and diversity that those who ask questions or talk back to God will be told they have rejected God entirely. I remember being there---having questions and being immediately viewed as an apostate when I wasn't---and it was the worst. It's almost as though evangelicals would rather shoot their wounded than have to find a way to live with them.

Natural Wonderers

And the Religious Literacy Award Goes to… Design Your Own Deity Magnet Set!

We all know that religious literacy has the potential to be a total bore. Some of you know this from personal experience. Some of your kids know it, too. Hell, even the Internet knows it. Not long ago, I Googled “Making religion Fun.” Nine out of the ten sites that popped up were about “making [Read More...]

Friendly Atheist

A New Trend: Books About Atheism Focus on Life After Godlessness

In an article for Publishers Weekly, Henry L. Carrigan Jr. rounds up some of the recent/upcoming books about atheism with a sweeping (and welcome) summary: They represent a "shift from argument to lifestyle."In other words, they spend less time arguing that God doesn't exist -- the focus of the New Atheists' bestsellers -- and more time explaining what to do after you no longer believe in a Higher Power:

Year Without God

Malala Yousafzai, Kailash Satyarthi and the importance of religious reform

The selection of Malala Yousafzai and Kailash Satyarthi as co-recipients of the 2014 Nobel Peace Prize was widely hailed as a victory for the human rights of children, and especially girls. I was personally thrilled with the choice, having been charmed by Malala’s many interviews following the publication of her autobiography, I Am Malala. I [Read More...]

Mr. Deity's Diary

#IncestOops LOL

Dear Diary: I realized earlier today that I’ve left the humans in a terrible spot. Cain had to marry his sister, which I found disgusting — despite the fact that she IS quite attractive. But now, this poor woman is going to have to pull double duty to her children. She will be both “Mom” [Read More...]


The iMortal Show, Episode 5: Where the Puck Really Should Be

Apple gives me feelings. You know this, surely. And after its October 16 event, in which the Infinite Loopers unveiled new iPads, showed off a Retina iMac, and tried their hand at “skits,” those feelings swung a little bit into negative territory. In this special, needlessly-long edition of the iMortal Show, I express some of those [Read More...]

Progressive Secular Humanist

Fox News host tells atheists Jesus belongs in public schools

Advocating for a tyranny of the majority, a Fox News host tells atheists that Jesus belongs in public schools because Christianity is part of Southern culture. Fox News host Ainsley Earhardt went on a rant Wednesday morning, complaining about an attempt being made by the Freedom From Religion Foundation to remove clearly unconstitutional Christian-themed plaques [Read More...]

NonProphet Status

Chis Stedman and Reza Aslan on experiences shared by Atheists and Muslims

In light of the recent controversy between Sam Harris and Ben Affleck on Bill Maher’s “Real Time” and the backlash that followed, Muslim academic, Reza Aslan and Humanist leader Chris Stedman1 call for a more civil discussion between atheists and Muslims. They explain that atheists and Muslims may have more in common that one might think: [Read More...]

Godless in Dixie

Evangelicalism: It’s Not Just a Messaging Problem

Rachel Held Evans recently wrote an honest and courageous reflection on the biblical story of Abraham nearly killing his son, Isaac.  She knocked it out of the park, in fact, and I think it’s one of her strongest posts to date.  Following the lead of Peter Enns, she challenges the notion that a high view [Read More...]

What Would JT Do (WWJTD)

Why gay marriage must be stopped.

Think of the children. This, frankly, would’ve been a more compelling argument than what came out of Puerto Rico yesterday.

Camels with Hammers

Responses To Claims That LGBT Labels “Shouldn’t Matter”

Lala Stone is a journalism masters degree candidate at the University of Texas at Austin. In response to my fairly widely read post from the summer Why Do We Need Labels Like “Gay”, “Bi”, “Trans”, and “Cis”? she sent me some interview questions for a long form article she’s writing about sexual minorities who refuse to [Read More...]

Rational Doubt

Ever Wonder What Post-Theistic Church Looks Like?

Editor’s Note: As an “out” atheist and active pastor, Gretta Vosper is an anomaly. But she won’t be for long if her concept of a “post-theistic church with a values-centric message for all humanity” takes hold.  In this post, she tells us about how she got where she is and how she and her congregation [Read More...]

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