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Removing the Fig Leaf

The Worst Sex Education: Not Talking About It at All

[Today's guest post is written by Karen Garst, former Executive Director of the Oregon State Bar and editor of an upcoming book entitled Women Beyond Belief: Discovering Life without Religion.] Two of the most effective manipulative techniques at religion’s disposal are shame and guilt. They are used to turn affection, love, and desire which result in sex [Read More...]

Able To Choose

The Unseen Stalker (Who Is Watching You While You Read This)

I still remember my first night of summer back at my parent’s house after my first year of college. Nobody would have accused me of being a weirdo, wimp, or nerd back then, yet – I had my own demons. Literally. Lying awake in bed with my eyes glued open, fixated on an area of [Read More...]

A Tippling Philosopher

What Did God Actually Say To You?

What I want to know, from my ex-religious readers, is about your relationsip with God. Not what was happening in reality, but what was happening in your head, in your own created reality? How did you feel that God actually interacted with you? What sort of things did God say, and how? When did you [Read More...]


The Strange Medieval Tale of Judas’ Aerial Battle With (and Rape of) Jesus

  The Toledot Yeshu is a notoriously elusive text—or rather, a sort of corpus of related texts, some originally written in Aramaic, but mainly surviving in Hebrew, Ladino, and other languages. At heart, the Toledot is a polemical Jewish anti-Christian work, describing the birth and life of Jesus in decidedly negative, slanderous terms. The composition of various parts of the text(s) has been dated to [Read More...]

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