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Daylight Atheism

Jack Chick’s Cowardly Evangelism

A brand of evangelism that avoids both personal interactions and arguments.

Love Joy Feminism

Robert Saunders’ Race Problem, and the Republican Party

They told us we were supposed to change the world. They told us to run for office. They told us not to say racist things on Facebook. No wait, they didn't tell us that, and Robert Saunders, running for state legislature, is learning this the hard way.Click through to read more!

On the Margin of Error

Shame on You, Southern Poverty Law Center

This drivel of an article could be easily be written by an Islamist apologist, misusing the tragic fact of anti-Muslim in the West to silence honest criticisms of Islam by mixing internal dissidents with bigots. It's dishonest silencing when Muslims do it, and it's the same when this so called "human rights" organization does it.

Miracle Girl

Good Brain/Bad Brain: Of Two Political Minds

Good angel/bad angel battle it out for my political brain.

Cross Examined

Jack Chick Has Gone to Glory (and Good Riddance)

Jack Chick, the twisted mastermind behind hundreds of millions of Chick tracts, has gone to his maker. Let's explore one of his tracts to see how well it matches with reality.

Godless in Dixie

Confessions of a Secular Jesus Follower: Finding Common Ground

“If Jesus had a ‘sh*t list,’ you wouldn’t find people on it. You’d find attitudes and actions. Not wrong people but wrong ideas, behaviors, and ways of being in the world…He could see the humanity even in the soldiers who were carrying out his execution.” Tom Krattenmaker, Confessions of a Secular Jesus Follower, page 28-29 [Read More...]

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