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My Religious Dad, His Anti-Theist Son, And The Struggle To Love And Understand

“Each one of us here today will at one time in our lives look upon a loved one who is in need and ask the same question: We are willing to help, but what, if anything, is needed? For it is true we can seldom help those closest to us. Either we don’t know what [Read More...]

Cross Examined

How Compelling is Christianity’s Cumulative Case?

Christian apologists sometimes imagine that their various arguments fit together like puzzle pieces. Usually, they’re more like a house of cards.

Notes from an Apostate

It’s Time We Paid More Heed to the Cognitive Science of Religion

In the opening paragraph of his Metaphysics, Aristotle said, “All men by nature desire to know.” This highlights an intrinsic, inescapable truth: Humans are reflective creatures. We cannot exist without philosophical assumptions girding our thoughts about our surroundings, tinting our ideas of what we perceive, how we engage in relations with others, what we consider [Read More...]


Here Is Why That Miracle Claim Does Not Impress Me.

“I couldn’t ever go back!” cried the Christian to me. “I’ve seen too many miracles!*” Oh, have you now, I thought. What he didn’t know–because how could he? He’d certainly never asked–was that I’d heard that exact claim many, many times, and had even repeated it myself long ago. Miracles are one of the biggest [Read More...]

The Graffiti Wall

Politics of Hair Respectability at the Oscars

The 2015 Oscars happened. The activists’ statements took much of the day after headlines. Patricia Arquette’s well-intentioned, yet myopic rant on why people of color and the LGBTQ movement should fight for women’s rights, sucked all the air out of some amazing fashion commentary! Common and John Legend, love you – but you two deserve a post of your [Read More...]

Godless in Dixie

Announcing the Launch of the Secular Hotline Project!

At long last, the Recovering from Religion Hotline Project is up and running!  It has been years in the making, but as of this morning the real-time peer-provided secular support hotline is now fully operational. In a press release that went out this morning, Executive Director Sarah Morehead described the hotline as: …an international peer [Read More...]

Leaving Fundamentalism

The Power Team, or how evangelicals accidentally lie to kids

Over at Vice, there’s an excellent article about The Power Team,  a bunch of god-bothering beefcakes who used to break stuff on TBN and then tell people they needed to get Born Again. Most readers will probably focus on the scandalous aspects of the story—a multi-million dollar bankruptcy, and the leader engaging in, as one [Read More...]

Love, Joy, Feminism

Anonymous Tip: Meet the Lawyer

Gwen is a nurse and Stan spends his time playing golf, and yet $500 is all they can come up with between them. Does this strike anyone else as odd? Now perhaps they live outside of their means and don't save, or perhaps golfing is a less expensive hobby than I've been given to believe and nursing a less financially sound career than I'd thought, or perhaps Gwen spent all of her money during the divorce settlement. But this is fiction, and Farris made these choices. I feel like this would feel more realistic if Gwen worked as a gas station attendant for minimum wage and Bill spent his retired life watching ESPN.

Year Without God

Humanism at Yale Week

The Yale Humanist Community just announced it’s Humanism at Yale Week, April 5-12, 2015. It’s a wonderful line up of speakers and events and I’m honored to be a part of a panel on Monday, April 6, called “Do Atheists Believe in Nothing?” The other members of the panel are Dr. Laurie Santos, Associate Professor of [Read More...]

Progressive Secular Humanist

American Atheists court conservatives at CPAC 2015

After being banned from formally participating at last year’s conference, American Atheists reach out to political conservatives at CPAC 2015. Jamila Bey, American Atheists board member and a Washington, D.C.-based writer and radio host, spoke on the main stage during the Thursday (Feb. 26) morning session of CPAC 2015. She is believed to be the [Read More...]


Atheist activist Jamila Bey asked CPAC to embrace atheists if they want votes

Now to be clear, I don't want atheists voting for Republicans, even if you remove the theocratic rhetoric, you're still left with conservative government values that hurt minorities and the poor and bring the government in the wrong direction.

What Would JT Do (WWJTD)

GODLESSNESS: Liberty Institute lied about the FFRF too. FFRF delivers swift, emotionless metaphorical backhand.

I wrote the other day about how the Liberty Institute named the five most dangerous enemies (their words) to Christianity in the United States.  Rob Boston at Americans United pointed out how their claims about AU (not unlike many of their other claims) weren’t exactly true. Now the FFRF has jumped in as well: It’s [Read More...]

The Human Animal

My Poly Valentine – One Day, Multiple Partners – What to do?

Be Ours. Be Mine, ya’ll. How does Valentine’s Day work for the poly community? The ‘poly’ community are those not in traditional dual / two-partner relationships. The anti-gay folks sometimes relent the slippery slope of gay marriage to multiple partners in a relationship. Poly folks have lubed up the slide from traditional marriage to multiple [Read More...]

Friendly Atheist

Christian Missionary Proud that She Rescued Someone from the Horrors of Catholicism

Remember Jessica Tidwell? She's the Christian missionary who was disappointed that Kenya wasn't the hellhole she hoped it would be because, presumably, it deprived her from having an ideal photo-op.In her latest dispatch from Africa, she tells the story of how she "saved" someone... who was simply the wrong kind of Christian:

Notes Toward a New Chimera

Yes, You Can Be Soulmates Without Souls

Happy Valentine’s Day! My latest article at The Daily Beast is up, “Can Atheists Have Soulmates If They Don’t Believe In Souls?“, and it’s this atheist’s take on love.


Is belief in moral progress a substitute for religion?

There’s a well studied phenomenon called Terror Management Theory which basically says that, when people are reminded of their own death, their beliefs change in certain predictable ways.  People cling more strongly to beliefs that make the future seem more controllable and comfortable – and that includes turning to religion (see: Religion, Patriotism and Death). [Read More...]

Daylight Atheism

Atlas Shrugged: Sixteen Tons

Atlas Shrugged, part II, chapter X The tramp on Dagny’s train reveals how the mysterious meme “Who is John Galt?” came into being, and why he fears he might have been the one who started it: “Well, there was something that happened at that plant where I worked for twenty years. It was when the [Read More...]

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