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Miracle Girl

Partying Like It’s 1968

In his acceptance speech, Donald Trump's guiding light will not be Ronald Reagan, but a very different Republican president: Richard Nixon. The only thing we have to fear is the Donald himself.

Brother Richard's Life Without Faith

James Dobson Endorses Donald Trump for This ‘Complicated Hour’

Another one bites the dust. Even before Trump’s speech last night saying that he would repeal the law forbidding clergy from endorsing a political candidate,  Focus on the Family’s, James Dobson announced his endorsement of the Republican nominee. According to Time Dobson said: I have decided to endorse Donald J. Trump for President of the United [Read More...]

Dogma Debate

An Atheist’s Experience at the Ark Encounter

  July 7th, 2016 was the opening day of Ken Ham’s Ark Encounter, his follow-up attraction to the infamous Creation Museum. His goal was to build a replica of Noah’s Ark and to demonstrate to visitors of this attraction that the flood story is no fairy tale and was completely feasible. Ultimately, he wants to [Read More...]

Praying for Rain and Dancing with the Devil

Two Cows: The Price of A Wife

Woman, know your worth. I belonged to my dad. I belonged to my family. I was worth a herd of cows. Maybe not even that, just a few cows. Just one cow. I could be bought. Perhaps some people think I still can be. I had a flashback recently when I was scrolling through Facebook. [Read More...]

Dispatches from the Culture Wars

Donald Trump and the GOP Record on Trade Agreements

One of the attacks on Hillary Clinton heard most often during the RNC was about those allegedly terrible trade agreements, GATT and NAFTA (though they rarely mentioned those specifically), and how Hillary Clinton supported them. Which is true. But… Here’s what they didn’t say. Though Bill Clinton was the president who signed them into law, [Read More...]

Removing the Fig Leaf

Positive Promiscuity and Self-Image

By Alessio Fiore Readers of this blog have likely noticed one of the most popular refrains of the abstinence-only movement.  Whether it is manifested with hokey images of chewed gum, beat up gym shoes, or gunky scotch tape, the message is clear:  “You are who you sleep with.” (Doubly important for those whose genitals happen [Read More...]

Laughing in Disbelief

Vice Presidential Pick Tim Kaine Diagnosed With Christianus Tourette’s Syndrome

Miami, Florida – Within minutes of making his first public appearance as Hillary Clinton’s running mate, doctors diagnosed Virginia Senator Tim Kaine with Christianus Tourette’s Syndrome. “Christianus Tourette’s Syndrome is similar to Tourette’s Syndrome where an individual shouts profanities at random,” explained Dr. Andrew Canard. “With the Christianus version of disorder, however, the inflicted individual talks [Read More...]

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