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Godless in Dixie

The Downside to Being Godless in Dixie

This weekend it’s been difficult to be Godless in Dixie.  Ordinarily I prefer to write when my head is clear and I’ve got something substantive to offer, but I figure it’s okay sometimes to let the rough edges show and post from raw emotion. Even then I have to be judicious, though, because anything I [Read More...]

Natural Wonderers

4 Simple Things Religious Parents Can Tell Their Kids to Build Tolerance for Nonbelievers

I talk a lot in my book (and this blog) about the importance of introducing secular kids to religious concepts, ideas and people. In my view, and maybe yours too, this is the only way kids can build compassion, literacy and genuine tolerance for the religious in their midst. But the same is true in reverse. [Read More...]


Ted Cruz ‘salutes’ Donald Trump’s extremely racist remarks on immigration

The immigrant Senator Ted Cruz (he was born in Canada) defended Donald Trump's extremely racist remarks about Mexican immigrants being rapists and criminals when he visited Meet the Press, Friday night.

Progressive Secular Humanist

Man Finds Jesus At A Walmart

God Bless America? While pushing his shopping cart at a Walmart, a man finds Jesus next to the Cheetos and the Mountain Dew. Rejoice America! (H/T Christian Nightmares)

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