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Love, Joy, Feminism

Strong-Willed Child: Flushing Dobson Down the Toilet

I know this post is much shorter than I usually do, but that’s about it for me for today. This section is utterly horrifying to me. He’s flat-out admitting that children raised on his methods grow up miserable and resentful and he’s actually proud of that. I just…. I just can’t….

Godless in Dixie

You Were Never Really One of Us

The mind is an amazing thing.  With it, we are capable of solving such complex puzzles and real-world problems!  At the same time, we are also capable of shutting out large chunks of data, selecting only those streams of information which fall in line with what we expected to find in the first place.  We [Read More...]


Ken Ham is still lying to the public about The Ark Encounter discrimination

Ken Ham is still lying about the Ark Encounter. Ham continues to push the lie that the genocidal theme park is not hiring, when this blog has shown countless times that they are in fact hiring for a full time position for the project and are discriminating against potential employees in doing so. The images [Read More...]

What Would JT Do (WWJTD)

No, that’s not descrimination

I was perusing my usual sites, and I came across an article posted on Fark. URL (I’m not giving them an anchor): Here’s the short of it. Some farm owners in New York decided to rent out space for wedding ceremonies. This made them a place of public accommodation, in the eyes of the [Read More...]

Friendly Atheist

There’s a Reason They Call Him “Amazing”

The Miami Herald's Glenn Garvin had a wonderful profile of James Randi in yesterday's paper:

Daylight Atheism

New on AlterNet: Is Religion Inherently Authoritarian?

My latest column is up on AlterNet, Is Religion Inherently Authoritarian? It’s about the increasing conflict between liberal and moderate religious believers who feel the doctrines of their churches should be open for reexamination, and the authoritarians who are determined to quash these democratic notions at any cost. Read the excerpt below, then click through [Read More...]

Camels with Hammers

Follow Your Arrow

A good friend of mine who is both bisexual and a recent deconvert recently brought this song to my attention and I love it: And she has another song defiant of traditions and expectations. Amidst the generally excellent lyrics is a criticism of the practice of forcing non-believers to go through the motions of religious [Read More...]


Let’s Agree to Disagree with Those Other People: The Stifling of Meaningful Dissent Online

A recent study from Pew that’s getting a lot of attention suggests that social media use is contributing to a dynamic in which people are afraid to express opinions that might dissent from what appears to be the majority consensus both on and offline. It appears as though Facebook, Twitter, and other social media lead people [Read More...]

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