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Progressive Secular Humanist

Satanists claim religious exemption from anti-abortion laws

Turnabout is fair play: Satanists are using the Hobby Lobby ruling to demand religious exemptions from anti-abortion laws. The Satanic Temple has launched a new campaign seeking a religious exemption to certain anti-abortion laws that attempt to dissuade women from ending a pregnancy. The group says they have deeply held beliefs about bodily autonomy and [Read More...]

Camels with Hammers

John Oliver On American Prisons

Your Thoughts?

Love, Joy, Feminism

What If My Children Adopted My Parents’ Beliefs?

I suppose that for me, when I talk about tolerance or acceptance, what I'm really talking about the ability to maintain a healthy relationship with someone in spite of differences in belief or life choices. Having a healthy relationship doesn't mean never disagreeing with someone, or never telling someone when you are concerned for them, but it does mean not treating someone badly or resorting to guilt trips or manipulation when there are disagreements.

What Would JT Do (WWJTD)

Larry Doesn’t Get Science Pt 4 – Evolution Pt 2 – Transitional Forms Pt 2

This is part of a series: [Index]. Part 3 - Larry doesn’t understand transitional forms/fossils. This will be split into two parts, due to length – continued from part 1. All creatures are complete Honestly, I’m not even sure what he means by “complete”. If we define “complete”, within evolution, as “well adapted to its current [Read More...]

Cross Examined

The Inevitability of Gay Marriage

Same-sex marriage seems inevitable, and much of the Christian church in America is opposed to this. Let's look at how it's responding to the challenge and speculate on how the church will look back on its handling of the issue.

Daylight Atheism

Richard Dawkins’ Commendable Step on Sexism

Well, this is most welcome news: [W]e have to be able to manage disagreement ethically, like reasonable adults, as opposed to brawling like enraged children who need a nap. It should go without saying, but this means no death threats, rape threats, attacks on people’s appearance, age, race, sex, size, haircut; no photoshopping people into [Read More...]

Friendly Atheist

Humanist Groups Band Together to Provide Legal Assistance to Refugee Children

Over the past several months, tens of thousands of children from Central America countries have crossed the border into the U.S. in order to escape instability, poverty, and even sexual violence. Many of them are coming alone. While government organizations like FEMA are providing them basic necessities, most of these children have no legal representation during mandatory immigration hearings.Many large religious organizations are already supporting various efforts to help these children. Now, Foundation Beyond Belief and the American Humanist Association are giving atheists a chance to do the same. They know God isn't going to help these children, but we can.

Temple of the Future

How the West Really Lost God, by Mary Eberstadt – a Review

This review is part of the Patheos Book Club, which last month was reviewing Mary Eberstadt’s “How the West Really Lost God”. My review is a little late, due to my moving across the country. Other responses can be found here. In How the West Really Lost God sociologist Mary Eberstadt offers a new theory of secularization, [Read More...]

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