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The Human Animal

Hosting the family atheist at Thanksgiving

Welcome again to this second post at The Human Animal. The Human Animal intends among other things to shrink that gulf between human animals and other non-human animals. Shrinking that gulf is easiest when setting aside the religious notion of a divine spark in humanity (See Animal Liberation Atheism by Kim Socha for more). But when [Read More...]


The Walking Wounded: Part 2- Nate Phelps

In the second installment of The Walking Wounded, Nate Phelps shares his struggle to find healing from the mental and emotional trauma caused by Christian fundamentalism. Nate and I share a very shockingly similar background. Raised in a fundamentalist home as the child of a pastor, suffered at the hands of an overbearing, abusive father, and [Read More...]


Religious and paranormal believers are high in empathy – but confused about how the world works

There’s a strand of thought that says that belief in the supernatural is founded upon a misunderstanding of how the world works (see: You either believe in it all, or you don’t). On the other hand, there’s another perspective that says the cognitive problem is with the atheists. Belief in gods, according to this school [Read More...]

Friendly Atheist

Humanist Service Corps Looking for People to Join Them on a Secular Mission Trip in Africa

Nearly a year ago, I announced the formation of the Pathfinders Project, a "yearlong international service trip with clean water, education, sustainability, and advocacy projects in Asia, Africa, and Latin America." Director Conor Robinson was looking for four people to join him on the secular mission trip.He found his team and they accomplished some incredible things in Uganda, Cambodia, Ghana, Haiti, Ecuador, Colombia, and Guatemala.Now, Conor (below, center) wants to do it again. He's looking for more people to join him in the Humanist Service Corps:

Love, Joy, Feminism

When Unassisted Home Births Go Wrong

When I read about unassisted home births today, I think of both Kierstyn and Dave. It's interesting how different their experiences were---but then, I think the same is true of assisted home births as well. I have two friends, homeschool graduates like me, who have had home births. Both had midwives. One had to be taken to the hospital in an ambulance for an emergency C-section. The other successfully birthed at home surrounded by her friends and relatives. Birth is not exactly predictable.

Natural Wonderers

It’s Not a Contest. But Young, Single, Secular Women Are Winning Anyway

Let’s hear it for the girls! According to Women Give 2014, a study by the Lilly Family School of Philanthropy out of Indiana University-Purdue University Indianapolis, young women who are both single and nonreligious are beating out their male counterparts, their middle-age counterparts and, most significantly, their moderately religious counterparts when it comes to charitable giving. [Read More...]

Year Without God

“I love to be ridiculed…

…because it helps me make important decisions in my life.” —said no one ever On Sunday I had the privilege of speaking at The Center for Inquiry in Hollywood. My former church is only about 1 mile from CFI and I have driven by there for years. It wasn’t until this year, though, that I attended [Read More...]

Cross Examined

Responding to “10 Myths About God”

A Christian ministry has made a series of short videos that reject ten myths about God. In some places, they make good points. In others … not so much.

Daylight Atheism

Weekday Coffee: Skepticon Edition

I’ve spent this past weekend at Skepticon 7, and I’m still recovering (especially from the Skeptiprom dance party on Saturday night). In the meantime, here are some links I picked up from the weekend’s talks: • My favorite talk of the convention was by Ben Blanchard, who spent a year working abroad with the Foundation [Read More...]

Progressive Secular Humanist

Maryland elected official declines to swear oath on Bible

Secular hero: When newly elected city council member Jessica Fitzwater takes her official oath of office, it will not be on the Bible. Fitzwater just won a seat on the Frederick County Council in Maryland, and says she is thinking of taking the official oath of office on the Frederick County charter or some other government document [Read More...]


Home-schooling mom thinks she ‘destroys’ evolution at natural history museum

This is one reason I am against home-schooling.As reported on Raw Story, this fundamentalist Christian home-school mom Megan Fox visits the Field Museum of Natural History in Chicago and “audits” the museum for its “liberal bias.”

What Would JT Do (WWJTD)

BREAKING: Federal judge strikes down Arkansas’ gay marriage ban.

Judge Kristine Baker, an Obama appointee, has ruled that Arkansas’ gay marriage ban violates the Constitution! A federal judge struck down Arkansas’ gay marriage ban on Tuesday, which could pave the way for county clerks to resume issuing licenses. U.S. District Judge Kristine Baker ruled in favor of two same-sex couples who had challenged a 2004 [Read More...]

NonProphet Status

#Ferguson responses roundup

On Monday night, a grand jury consisting of nine white and three black members announced its decision not to bring criminal charges against Darren Wilson for the killing of Michael Brown in Ferguson, Missouri. As Ben Casselman of FiveThirtyEight notes, decisions by grand juries not to charge someone are exceedingly rare: According to the Bureau of Justice [Read More...]

Godless in Dixie

Maybe God’s Just Not That Into You

I recently wrote a post entitled “Why I Broke Up with Jesus” and it generated a decent amount of buzz.  I think a lot of people identified with it because, like me, they had been led to believe that God was a person who could be known in actual experience.  We had been taught that God [Read More...]

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