But that isn't all. These national groups are slick lobbyists as well. When the Department of Health and Human Services required all businesses, including those affiliated with religious organizations, to provide contraceptive care to their employees, the opposition of national religious groups like the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops caused the Obama administration to compromise by delaying this rule for a year. Such groups refused to accept this compromise and have continued calling on the administration to completely exempt from this requirement all employers with even a loose affiliation with a religious organization. If successful, this will force many women to choose between unemployment and jobs that don't afford them the same comprehensive coverage that their male coworkers receive.

This "War on Women" really is a battle over values. While religious right national, state, and local groups that advocate for "traditional values" may differ in their scope of influence, the traditional value they share is the belief that their scripture is more important than the health or rights of women nationwide. Humanists, freethinkers, and progressive people of faith, on the other hand, value Americans' right to necessary health services and value open and non-discriminatory workplaces instead.

Until this "war" is settled, American women will continue to be threatened by the daily possibility of discrimination. A peace must be brokered to end this war, but a condition of this peace cannot be the acceptance of second-class status for women.