"The essays translated in this volume represent Kuyper's mature and comprehensive thought on science and the arts in general-a coherent position grounded in Calvinist theology and demonstrating a keen understanding of the cultural currents of his day. They set a provocative example that Christian thinkers should try to match in our own day."

James Bratt, professor of history, Calvin College
editor of Abraham Kuyper: A Centennial Reader

"God's redemption is as wide and high and deep as the expanse of his creation. This is the central message of Abraham Kuyper that has been heard anew by a generation of young evangelicals who have a new appreciation for the importance of Christian culture-making. This book is a wonderful way to meet Kuyper face-to-face and hear from him first hand. I look forward to pointing friends and students to this wonderful anthology. It's just what we need."

James K. A. Smith, professor of philosophy, Calvin College
author of Letters to a Young Calvinist: An Invitation to the Reformed Tradition

"A century before the institutions of Christian higher education took up the conversation over faith and learning in earnest, Abraham Kuyper had already masterfully described the terrain. We are indebted to Christian's Library Press for publishing this new translation of Kuyper's work. Wisdom & Wonder deserves a wide readership among all those who have tried to solve the riddle of what it really means to have a Christian world-and-life view."

Hunter Baker
associate professor of political science, Union University
author of The End of Secularism

"This gem of a book makes Kuyper, who himself was a brilliant scholar and filled with wonder, accessible to contemporary readers. Kuyper aficionados will enjoy and profit from it and those who are introduced to Kuyper through it will want more."

John Bolt
professor of systematic theology, Calvin Theological Seminary
author of A Free Church, A Holy Nation: Abraham Kuyper's American Public Theology

"Kuyper's work provides us with an intellectually impressive as well as an ecumenically inspiring account of the theological foundations of science and art, calling Christians to take up their vocation to be engaged in the further unfolding of those cultural activities in the light of Christian principles."

Eduardo J. Echeverria
professor of philosophy, Sacred Heart Major Seminary

"Abraham Kuyper navigates with a sure hand on the tiller, taking us through the waters of culture, church and state, calling, and collaboration, with theological wisdom. Kuyper knows of no separation between warm piety and cultural commitment, nor of biblical texts and issues in the contemporary world. This fresh translation of "Common Grace in Science and Art," tastefully titled, Wisdom & Wonder, is a most welcome addition to the growing body of Kuyper's œuvre available in English. No one wrestling with issues of church and society can afford to ignore it."

William Edgar
professor of apologetics, Westminster Theological Seminary in Philadelphia

"With the appearance of Wisdom & Wonder English readers now have access to a far more extended and nuanced account of how Christians can wholeheartedly embrace the independence and integrity of science and art as manifestations of God's sovereignty."

Gordon Graham
director of the Abraham Kuyper Center, Princeton Theological Seminary