"Kuyper's ideas on science and the arts are no ivory tower reflections. They were forged in the struggle for the development of Christian thought and practice that creatively engages with every area of life. The contents of this book are of great contemporary relevance and this translation will be welcomed by the growing number of Kuyper admirers around the world."

Peter Heslam
director, Transforming Business, University of Cambridge
author of Creating a Christian Worldview: Abraham Kuyper's Lectures on Calvinism

"Abraham Kuyper thought big even when he considered little things. He challenges us to recognize the Creator as Lord, not simply of some 'spiritual' part of his world, but of it all. Here, in this beautifully presented volume, we are invited to listen afresh to Kuyper's wisdom and vision; his words are worth wrestling through today just as they were when he first wrote them."

Kelly M. Kapic
professor of theological studies, Covenant College

"C. S. Lewis suggested that for every new book, we should read three old ones. Kuyper is one of those authors we should read. Although he's familiar to many who have explored worldview thinking, few have actually read him and until now even fewer have had the opportunity to read this particular work. Given the consistent battles of definitions that take place in art and the sciences, we need trusted voices from the past to guide us. I'm grateful that the Acton Institute and Kuyper College have made this available."

John Stonestreet
Summit Ministries, Colson Center for Christian Worldview

"Young Christians, take heart: we stand in a long tradition of those who seek a fully-orbed faith. Kuyper's clear, friendly, theologically deep approach is a century-old answer to questions we're still grappling with-how we ought to live in and work with the natural world and the culture we humans build. This volume is invaluable to anyone who wants to glean from and build upon Kuyper's important, foundational work."

Alissa Wilkinson
coeditor, Comment
founding editor, Curator magazine