"Familiar topic from an interesting point of view. Those of us who are fathers, or who least have a father can relate. Christian shares his faith with us and we are better for it. "
—Eric M. Black, author of An Old Man

"I don't know when I've seen this subject written in such an interesting- yet true -male perspective. As someone who had four babies in five years in the late '60s, I know men were then encouraged to have as little as possible to do with a wife's pregnancy. On one occasion, my husband attended a movie (in a nearby theater!) while I gave birth. Christian's unique way with words describes the feelings and actions of so many men, who before this, were probably afraid to even be associated with any part of the pregnancy except the sex act itself. Onward and upward Christian. Speak for the real men who have compassion, love and good sense! "
—Penny Fletcher, photo journalist & editor

"This book is laugh-out-loud funny, grab-a-tissue touching, and make-you-think deep, sometimes by turns, and sometimes all at the same time. It's open and honest and sometimes so candid you'll want to say Oh, TMI! But you won't, because you'll want to keep reading. And ladies, there are moments of sweet revenge, like the chapter about Christian's vasectomy. It feels like a settling of the score for the indignities suffered on the OB/GYN table. Great read, Christian. Looking forward to the next one."
—Linda Brendle

"As a father of two sons, I can relate to the anecdotes, the stories, the worries, and the mishaps that added so much to this book. However, in between the humorous tales that kept me in stitches, I appreciated how insightful Mr. Piatt was in analyzing why men act the way they do, why they say things the way they do, and why they feel the way they while their wives are pregnant. What a wonderful read all around!"
—Aaron Tate

 "This book is one of those laugh -out-loud, cry a little, can't-put-down books, and you don't have to be a father to enjoy it. I'm a married woman without children and I thought it was great. I'll have my husband read it next so were both ready someday, for all the puke, pee, grossness and laughter that comes with pregnancy. This may be a christian author (also named Christian), but I didn't find it too "preachy" at all. Buy it!"
—Liz L

"As a father of 2 wonderful daughters the conflict was always there. I could describe the emotions of having our first child and then discovering the second was on the way. Christian "nails it" with whole hearted truth as the growth of my two children. This is not only a fantastic book to read, but I can relate to it on so many levels. It is a great way to reflect and smile along the way. Thank you for this book!"
—Dad Reader