Although they lived six hundred years and thousands of miles apart, and gave birth to two very different spiritual traditions, the Buddha and Jesus taught exactly the same thing: you create a beautiful life by creating fertile conditions, not by asking for anything. In my own words, what I hear them saying is this: You can have anything you want—why, you can have things you don't even know you want—but not by focusing on them. Instead, put your undivided attention on your connection with the vibrant presence of the Divine within, and your life will change. It has to. It is the natural order.

Sound like a paradox? It is. It's the Great Paradox of Prosperity. Get used to paradox. It's one of the Divine's favorite games. So is creation. In The Lotus and the Lily, you will play with many creation toys. You will learn the cosmic power of the mandala. You will play with Soul Slinky waves of intention and gratitude. You will awaken your inner shaman and be amazed at what you can do. You will discover the power of naming your past and your future. And you will experience the generative power of your own voice.

It all sounds rather magical, but it isn't. It's natural order—the same natural order that produces an abundant harvest on a physical farm. A wise farmer will tell you that planting a seed takes a few seconds. The real value is in the preparation of the soil. Fertile fields produce lush crops. That abundant beautiful life you want? That's one very lush crop. So for the next twenty-eight days, you will walk your spiritual fields, plucking weeds, removing rocks, and nourishing your soil with twenty-eight essential spiritual truths. When the fields are ready, you will give yourself a special Soul Day. On that day, you will clarify your conditions and plant the seeds of your beautiful life in a highly charged and deeply personal Intention Mandala. Then you only have to watch what happens. Because when conditions are sufficient, there will be a manifestation.

These fields of the soul lie beyond our popular understanding of the law of attraction. This doesn't mean the law of attraction is wrong; it means that we've been limiting ourselves to one small corner of our creative capability. Why ask for one thing or another when you can create fertile conditions in which everything you need is supplied? Here's a comparison of the principles of Law of Attraction and those we'll be using:

Law of Attraction
human at the center
how to ask
ask for things
material goods
The Lotus and the Lily
divine at the center
how to live
create conditions
heaven on earth

Does heaven on earth sound implausible? It's not. The Buddha and Jesus pointed the way. All we have to do is follow. Come. Out here, the pastures are beautiful and the harvest is rich. Out here, anything is possible. Out here, all the talents of your soul come out to play. Out here, all is well. More than well, all is divine. Everything is unfolding according to divine will. Welcome, you are on your way!

The Story Behind the Lotus and the Lily

I discovered the process described in this book the same way I discovered deep soul writing, which I introduced to readers in Writing Down Your Soul—on my knees. I stumbled onto deep soul writing trying to navigate a terrifying divorce. Out of sheer desperation, I picked up a pen and poured my woes onto the page. There, I made a startling discovery: the connection to Source is in your hands. You ask for guidance, and you receive it. It's that simple. Thousands of people have been making the connection ever since.