Forty days later, I had my appointment with the bankruptcy attorney. He explained the process and asked if I had any questions. "One," I said, "I made $12,000 in January. Is that a problem?"

"Well, yeah, it's a problem," he said. "You're not bankrupt."

After the appointment, I drove to my favorite holy place, St. Michael's Shrine in Tarpon Springs, Florida. There, I poured tears of gratitude onto my soul-journal page, thanking the angels and Spirit for leading me to the teachings of the Buddha and Jesus. "How can I thank you?" I wrote. The answer was simple and clear: teach it. I've taught the process I discovered, which I call "the Lotus and the Lily," ever since. And now, here you are.

How to Use This Book

This book, The Lotus and the Lily, will lead you on a dance with the wisdom of your wild soul—the part of you that is authentic, alive, and hungry for the full adventure of life. Your soul has never been wounded and never can be. It emerged from divine ground, and it will return to divine ground. In between, it is here to play in the fields of life.

Most of us have only a cursory relationship with our brilliant soul. We hear occasional tapping on the window-perhaps a nudge to explore an idea or ask a bigger question or consider a new possibility. But we rarely sit down and say, "I'm here. I'm listening. What do you want?" In Writing Down Your Soul, I share what can happen when you step out of conscious mind for a few moments and give the extraordinary Voice room to speak. Now, here in The Lotus and the Lily, you will use deep soul writing and many other delightful spiritual practices to give your wild soul all the room it needs to create a truly beautiful and abundant life.

There are thirty experiences, one each day. The first twenty-eight are divided into four week-long explorations:

Week 1: Prepare—step into your natural spiritual power, set your intention, and create your own ritual and prayer

Week 2: Look Back—uncover all the gifts in the life you've created to date

Week 3: Create Space—make room for the new by releasing and forgiving the old

Week 4: Look Forward—identify what you want in alignment with your soul's desires

After twenty-eight days of rich exploration, you will spend Day 29 setting up your Soul Day. And then, on Day 30, you will give yourself something precious—a day alone with your soul. On this day, you will clarify your all-important conditions. Then, with your conditions in hand, you will make a highly charged and deeply personal Intention Mandala. The mandala, as you are about to learn, not only holds everything you want, but it also spins out into the universe to draw it all to you.

The mandala sounds exciting, and it is, but don't jump ahead. There is a reason the days progress the way they do. They build gently one upon the other until you know you are ready for your Soul Day. Without the twenty-eight days of preparation, you could create a life, but it might not be the life you really want.

The Structure of Each Day

The Lotus and the Lily process is deep, but it is not work. The soul does not work. At the soul level, life is divine play. Approach the content of the day from the vantage point of soul play, and you'll discover that even the deepest exploration can be a source of delight. Each day begins with a page or two about the day's subject, then invites you to play in the following ways: