Reflect. Big questions crack you open and allow big information to flow in. Ponder these questions before you dive into your deep soul writing.

Write. Each day has a sample deep-soul-writing prompt to stimulate your imagination. Take any parts that speak to you, but allow your own conversation to come through your hands, onto the page.

Explore. Pick and choose any activities that call to you, or create your own.

Nourish. This short, powerful, soul-nourishing statement holds the essence of the day. Savor it aloud. Feel its wisdom enter your being. Write each statement on a card or in your journal, and watch what happens as these jewels accumulate.

Want More? If you want more, dive into any of the books and resources listed for additional information.

Paradox Alerts

As you walk through the Lotus and the Lily, you'll stumble upon the occasional "Paradox Alert." In his book Psychology and Alchemy, Carl Jung said, "Only the paradox comes anywhere near to comprehending the fullness of life." You'll discover many paradoxes in your own deep soul explorations. When you find one, stop and look inside yourself. Capture all your divine puzzles. Mull them over. They hold clues to the miracle of life.

Your Journal

You will do lots of deep soul writing, so get a journal in which to capture your "Nourish" statements and "Paradox Alerts" and all kinds of other insights and surprises. Perhaps you'd like to write under the wise, loving eyes of the owl on the cover of My Soul Pages, the companion journal to Writing Down Your Soul. Whatever journal you choose, dedicate it to this exploration. Almost everyone who goes through the Lotus and the Lily repeats the process and makes a new mandala the following year. Just imagine how exciting it will be to look back at several mandalas and journals and watch how your soul has created life over the years.

Deep Soul Writing

If you've read Writing Down Your Soul, you know that deep soul writing is not journaling. It is a unique but easy writing process that moves you quickly out of high-stress beta brain waves into slower, calmer theta brain waves. It is in theta that we have access to true creativity, breakthrough thinking, and divine guidance. Three things happen when you write at the soul level: You exit the conscious mind. You get in touch with your authentic self, your soul. And you connect with and activate the divine Voice of wisdom within.

There are seven simple steps to transforming your writing

practice and get into the theta brain-wave state:

1. Set your intention to connect with your divine Voice.

2. Address the Voice by name. If you have a special name, as many deep soul writers do, use that. If not, simply write, "Dear Voice."

3. Write by hand. It's possible to get into theta while writing on the computer, but looking at a screen pulls most of us back into our conscious mind. If you can, write with a pen so you feel the presence of the Voice in your hand.

4. Activate all five senses:

  • Vision is automatically engaged.
  • The parts of your brain responsible for hearing are firing even if you write in total silence, but if you want to add sound, you can play sacred chants, the Theta Music CD (available at my website), or anything else that appeals to you.
  • Touch is automatically engaged.
  • Activate the sense of smell with essential oils, flowers, candles—anything that feels right.
  • Drink pure water after you write to bring your wisdom and insights into your body at the cellular level.