Sleep. Most people report they need more sleep while doing this process. Give yourself the gift of sweet rest. Sleeping more will also give you the benefit of more dreams.

Nurturing. Perhaps that means taking a long walk in nature, staying away from toxic people, walking a labyrinth, or renewing an old friendship with a sacred text. Whatever it is, do it, and notice how you feel.

Personal amnesty. When doing deep soul writing, a woman in Minneapolis was berating herself on the page for yet another failure. The Voice stopped her cold and wrote, "Grant yourself an amnesty. Apply a peace treaty to your heart. You are no longer your own enemy." Take these words to heart. They are a gift for you, too. You've already given yourself one important gift: you're here. You've heard the call that your soul wants to create life, and you've shown up, ready to begin. Read on—there's magic waiting for you in the mandala.

What Are Mandalas and Why Do We Make Them?

The moon is most happy
When it is full.
And the sun always looks
Like a perfectly minted gold coin
That was just polished
And placed in flight
By God's playful Kiss.
And so many varieties of fruit
Hang plump and round
From branches that seem like a Sculptor's hands.
I see the beautiful curve of a pregnant belly
Shaped by a soul within,
And the Earth itself,
And the planets and the Spheres—
I have gotten the hint:
There is something about circles
The Beloved likes.
—Hafiz, from "Circles," I Heard God Laughing, Translation by Daniel Ladinsky

At the time I made "My Breakthrough Year," on January 1, 2010, with my conditions on a lily at the center of a circle, I didn't label what I'd drawn a "mandala." But thirty days later, when the bankruptcy attorney told me I'd made so much money I was no longer bankrupt, I stood in front of my round drawing, stared at it, and wondered, "What is this?" I sensed there had to be something about the shape because I had made several traditional rectangular vision boards in other years, but none of them had been as miraculous as the circular vision board I made in 2006 or this new one in 2010. I searched online and quickly discovered I'd made much more than a round vision board; I'd made a "mandala."

I became hungry to know more about mandalas. I turned to my Voice. "Why," I asked, "does a mandala make such a difference? Show me." Two weeks later, I was awakened in the middle of the night with a picture of my mandala floating in my head. The invisible hands holding it vertically in front of me began to slowly rotate the paper until it was completely horizontal, and I could see only the edge.

When it reached full horizontal position, I saw that it wasn't a piece of paper at all. It was the central slice of a three-dimensional sphere floating in clear black space. The edge of my mandala was the middle line of the sphere, like the equator on earth. Below my mandala were three slender gold threads, like latitude lines. The three gold threads divided the lower half of the sphere into four sections, which I knew were the four weeks of deep work I'd done prior to creating my mandala.

Above my mandala was a cone of golden light pouring onto the lily from a small hole at the top of the sphere. I felt I was seeing confirmation that our conditions are our connection with the Divine. I could see my desires on the periphery of my mandala, but the bulk of the light was falling on the lily that held my conditions.