"In this compact yet compelling book, Arnold brings the reader a wealth of personal stories about growing older. His hope-filled insights encourage those rich in years to also remain rich in faith."
—Timothy Cardinal Dolan, Archbishop of New York

"Arnold does us all a great service by encouraging us to see aging as a part of the normal progress of life. Its challenges are to be faced with hope and in community rather than alone and in despair. This book is full of wisdom, encouragement, sadness and joy."
—Stephen Judd founder, chief executive, HammondCare

"Johann Christoph Arnold's books are fresh and simple and, even if they lack the full richness of the Catholic spiritual tradition, they are wise. His latest is on aging gracefully—not a bad topic for many of us."
—Dr. Jeffrey A. Mirus, on CatholicCulture.com

"Too few Christians think about aging. Nor do they adequately consider the wonderful gifts the older and wiser bring to our communities and the powerful contribution they can make to the body of believers. This worthy book will spur older readers into action and encourage younger ones to value their elders and hold them in well-deserved esteem."
—Toby Hall, CEO, Mission Australia

"Rich in Years does not shy away from the difficult aspects of aging—loss of faculties, health issues, loneliness, and facing the end of life. But its wise insights, often told through touching real-life stories, ring true and point the way to a more hopeful and humane path for older people and their families and caregivers."
—Steve Auty, Chief Executive, Pilgrims Hospices

"The key to finishing our days well, writes Arnold, is to cultivate thankfulness for each new day and to devote our time to the love and service of others. Wise words indeed, and especially comforting for those whose days are numbered—and isn't that all of us?"
—Ian Harper, professor emeritus, University of Melbourne

"Rich in Years is a wonderful volume that moved me deeply. It's really not just for people in the advanced stages of life—it is for everybody! Dietrich Bonhoeffer, the great Christian theologian and martyr, sought in his writings in the 1930s to apply Jesus' Sermon on the Mount to our daily lives; Johann Christoph Arnold does the same, in even more practical ways. A must-read."
—James Haire, professor, Charles Sturt University, Australia

"I have found much in these pages for reflection and comfort and hope this book will reach many who are in need of such consolation and understanding as the years mount up."
—Cardinal Cassidy, president emeritus, PCPCU, the Vatican

"This richly affirming book explodes the modern myth that the elderly are a burden. Everyone should read it, since it is relevant to us all, whether we are approaching old age ourselves or have elderly relatives or friends."
—Michael Wenham, author, I Choose Everything

"A truly inspiring book which I shall read over and over again. It speaks to the fears of many, like myself, who are anxious about old age and dying. It reminds me that above all I must learn to let go, continue to hope, and offer an enormous 'thank you' every day for the rest of my life."
—Mary Craig, author, Blessings

"This timely book reminds us that old age is perhaps the most colorful of all stained glass windows in the cathedral of life and one where we should linger in appreciation and wonder."
—Edmund Adamus, Director for Marriage & Family Life, Archdiocese of Westminster