Nourished by the Word

  1. How do you find nourishment in the company of others? How does this feed you for the work of proclaiming the good news of the reign of God?


The Second Mark of Mission
To Teach, Baptize, and Nurture New Believers

Jesus: Our GPS

  1. What does your road look like? What does the Jesus road look like in the life of your community? Who is your companion on the Jesus road? How will you help to nurture others on that road?


Nurturing New Believers

  1. Where have you helped mentor or nurture new leaders? How are you developing as a leader?


Learning to Be Light

  1. Where are you becoming light to those around you? How might you help others be light?


Teaching and Learning the Presence of God

  1. In what unexpected ways have you discovered God's presence in your life? Have you ever gathered with others to share some of those stories?


On the Road

  1. Where do you find companions who can offer confidence and courage? Correction or critique?


The Freedom to Serve

  1. What are the prisons we see around us, in our own lives? Which of them are self-imposed?


Leading into New Waters

  1. What creative ways of forming new leaders have you found in your faith community?


The Third Mark of Mission
To Respond to Human Need with Loving Service

Salt of the Earth

  1. How have salt and light played a part in your response to human need?


Face to Face

  1. Think about the ways you've come face-to-face with God in your own community. How has that experience influenced your response to serve others?


Healing and Wholeness

  1. How is the community you live in affected by connections between health, systemic injustice, and violence? How might your faith community respond?


City on a Hill

  1. What do we do in our own faith communities to live out this healing mission? How are we giving glory to God?


Many Gifts, One Mission

  1. What unexpected gifts have you discovered in others-and in yourself? How have you seen these gifts used for the good of others?


The Meaning of Mercy

  1. Loving our neighbors means recognizing the body by the side of the road as a dignified human being, in need of mercy. What sorts of bodies are especially hard to recognize? Instead of just praying, "Lord have mercy," let your prayer be, "Lord let me be mercy; let us be mercy."