Sheridan is the creator and former host of Open House: a live, nationally-networked radio show exploring life, faith and culture. In his 18 years as a broadcaster Sheridan has interviewed some of the world's most prominent authors, artists, activists, politicians, poets, philosophers, theologians and musicians—everyone from Max Lucado to Thomas Keneally, Gloria Gaynor to Jeffrey Sachs. In five short years Open House gathered an audience of over 100,000 listeners, released a series of best-selling books, produced a Top-10 iTunes podcast on Religion and Spirituality, and carved out a unique place in Australian broadcasting, engaging Muslims, atheists and new-agers alongside Christians of all varieties.

Sheridan is also the former director of Compassion Day-a national radio event releasing children from poverty through child sponsorship. During his tenure, Compassion Day became one of Compassion Australia's most successful events, seeing over 1500 children sponsored in a single day.

Sheridan is a popular speaker at conferences and events. His specialty is helping audiences understand their innate longing for God and open their eyes to see God's presence around them. He also speaks on communication and creativity in professional settings.

Sheridan has presented keynotes and seminars at a variety of conferences, business breakfasts, churches, theological colleges, community dinners, teacher's events, Q&A panels and corporate functions. He has addressed Senators and MPs at Australia's Parliament House, a group of Pentecostals in a Peruvian slum, and almost every group in between.

Sheridan holds degrees in Ministry and Communication, and has served in numerous church and para-church leadership roles. He is married to Merryn, loves Thai food, is partial to dark chocolate, devours books and longs to take photos like Henri Cartier-Bresson.

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