"Nothing is as certain for your life and mine as suffering -- and eventual death. Heartache and pain come in all sorts of packages. So the only mature thing to do is to prepare for it. In a culture that seems pathologically upbeat, living "in the moment" and in denial of any blue notes, the message of this book desperately needs to be heard far and wide. Read it while you can."
—Michael Horton, Professor of Theology and Apologetics at Westminster Seminary California, & President of The White Horse Inn

"Having lived with quadriplegia for over 45 years, I know how critical it is to think 'rightly' about suffering -- indeed, the jaws of pain will rip your faith to shreds if you don't have a solid view of what Scripture has to say on the subject. It's why I applaud men of God like Tullian; men who've dug deep into God's Word to help us grasp the mysterious connection between Christ, His cross, and the crucible of our afflictions. That's what makes Glorious Ruin a blessing!"
—Joni Eareckson Tada, Joni and Friends International Disability Center

"Glorious Ruin is a powerful, vulnerable and Gospel-centered work. I love Tullian's heart for comforting those who are hurting, broken, or suffering in our world. And in this book he shows how God is constantly present with us. Always. No matter what your circumstances."
—Brad Lomenick, Executive Director, Catalyst

"Glorious Ruin: How Suffering Sets You Free is a transforming reminder not to run from our suffering, but to learn from it! Tullian Tchividjian courageously opens up his life to share how God didn't save him from pain, but met him in the middle of his suffering. At some point we all face suffering, and this book will not only teach you how to get through it, but discover how it can set you free!"
—Dave Ferguson, Lead Pastor of Community Christian Church and Author of Exponential

"The question of suffering is the apologetic question of our time. From both Christians and non Christians it's the question I get most often. Glorious Ruin reminds us that pain and suffering are not only a part of human existence but also the Christian experience. Tullian has written a wonderfully helpful book on how to suffer well, facing its reality and being hopeful of its reward."
—Dave Lomas, Lead Pastor, Reality San Francisco

"Into our culture of mandatory happiness, Tullian Tchividjian speaks a deeply sensitive, thoroughly cross-centered theology of suffering that far surpasses the typical pabulum offered by theologians of glory: 'Your suffering isn't so bad! What doesn't make you bitter will make you better! You're suffering because you don't have enough faith!' There were no pat answers for Job and there are none here either (thank God!). Let me encourage you to dive into this book and the suffering that's drawing you to it simply because 'our hope does not lie in this temporal life, it lies in the life to come.'"
—Elyse Fitzpatrick, Speaker and Author of Give Them Grace

"Nothing gets our attention more than suffering. In Glorious Ruin, Tullian helps us respond rightly to God in the midst of our struggle. He helps us move from mere desperation to get out of pain, to trust in God through the pain. I highly recommend this book for the nitty gritty of real life."
—Darrin Patrick, Lead Pastor of The Journey, Author of For the City and Church Planter