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Welcome to Chicken Soup for the Soul @ Patheos

Patheos is excited to partner with Chicken Soup for the Soul to bring these inspirational stories to our faith-based audiences.

Featured Writers

Graham's 95th Birthday Vision
A. Larry Ross
The principles of Jesus one lifts up and lives out are far more powerful than the mere words one says.
A Bridge Over Troubled Waters
A. Larry Ross
Christians' disagreements over particular doctrines are inferior to the beliefs and burdens they hold in common.
Bringing Hope to Millennials?
Johnnie Moore
Graham's message isn't a nostalgic one for another time. It's a message for now.
Billy Graham's Legacy
John Turner
As Graham's name-recognition starts to fade, what is his legacy?
Graham's White House Chaplaincy
Douglas LeBlanc
No other evangelist is likely to enjoy the same White House access as Graham.
Graham and the Movies
Peter T. Chattaway
The motion-picture arm of Graham's ministry has produced over fifty films in the last fifty years.

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