Ed finished our talk by saying, "In all of this searching, it's been important for me to find a path where both Marcia and I can serve together, at least in some aspect. The impulse in me to delve deeper is firmly attached to our relationship. Without my marriage to Marcia, I would not have been capable of connecting to my faith as I have done over the last eighteen years. In Marriage Encounter, we used to have a poster that showed an equilateral triangle, with the husband and wife at the bottom and God at the top. The closer both spouses draw toward God, the closer their union becomes. We have lived that experience in our marriage, and perhaps I understand its truth better now than ever before."

On Mother's Day, Ed served for the first time as an Extraordinary Minister of Holy Communion. We sometimes hold hands in church, and I commented that his hands were as cold as ice—not like him at all—I am usually the one with the cold hands. He was very nervous at the prospect of serving the Eucharist. It was a very special gift to me that day that I was the first one that he presented the chalice. As we left church he expressed to me that something he didn't expect was how emotional he was. He spoke to Deacon Greg Kandra, which the Deacon wrote about in a blog post.

We hope to attend the Archbishop Harry J. Flynn Catechetical Institute for a two-year program this fall together, as a step toward discerning where this is all leading us. One thing we both believe is that, just as in that Column I wrote last fall, as we walked the path around the beautiful lake and listened to the breeze move the branches in the tall trees rushing like a wave reminding us of the movement of the Holy Spirit, we know that He will direct us on this path.