Part Two: Christ Is My Strength

  1. Always at My Side
  2. Offering Me Living Water

Part Three: Christ Is My Life

  1. In My Home
  2. In My Work
  3. In My Struggles

Part Four: Meeting Christ in Others

  1. A Woman for Others
  2. When Did I See You, Lord?

Part Five: Christ is My Joy

  1. My Soul Magnifies the Lord

I enjoyed the discussion questions at the end of each chapter, which fall into three categories, and are followed by a simple prayer. "My Mind to Know Him" gives you something to think about, like behavior in the workplace, or learning more about the saints. "My Heart to Love Him," gently poses questions that help us take inventory of our hearts in relationship to God. "My Hands to Serve Him" frames our work and service to others in light of our love for God, but in practical, simple ways that I'll wager will touch your heart as much as they did mine. Her closing prayers are utterly humble, heartfelt, and very brief.

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A very blessed and happy Advent to you and yours! Thanks for reading!

Lisa Mladinich
Founder, Amazing CatechistsTM