The Rosary changes us; the intimacy of these meditations, prayed for 15-25 minutes a day, cannot help but change us. As Pope John Paul II wrote, "Just as two friends, frequently in each other's company, tend to develop similar friends, tend to develop similar habits, so too, by holding familiar converse with Jesus and the Blessed Virgin, by meditating on the mysteries of the Rosary . . . we can become similar to them," and live that elusive, virtuous holy life.

Real men pray the Rosary, indeed, but this is for everyone—for all men and women. Give the Rosary 33 days. You won't be praying alone. Begin today, May 1, and the entire RMPTR community, the Body of Christ, will pray along with you.

Share your journey with us on Facebook, or post a comment on your favorite Catholic blog. Share your thoughts on a mystery of the day. You can subscribe to RMPTR's daily reflection and receive it by email. Ask the RMPTR community to join in your intentions. Invite someone you love to join the journey.

We know praying the Rosary daily for at least 33 days will change your life. If you (as did I) need some direction or a refresher on precisely how to pray the rosary, visit our website or download one of our free Rosary pamphlets.

At the end of the 33 days, pray it forward. Share your experience with a loved one. Invite them to undertake a 33-day Rosary challenge for themselves. Look closely at the 33-day challenge circular logo, notice the arrow—it goes on, and on. The RMPTR 33-day Rosary challenge invites you to make praying the Rosary a permanent and integral part of your spiritual journey.

Accept the "Real Men Pray the Rosary 33-day Challenge." We know our Blessed Mother will lead you to her son. Totus Tuus.