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Open Table Judaism
by Gregory Eran Gronbacher

When Sexual Ideology Coopts Religion

As a gay man who has engaged a variety of religious traditions, my experiences have been – varied. While I’m heartened when a religious institution, congregation, denomination, etc. is “open and affirming”, that initial optimism can be quickly dampened if the acceptance morphs into “tokenism.” “This is our gay member,” someone says, showing you off [Read More...]

The Politics of Hope
by Mark Braverman

No Blue Sky Between Republicans and Democrats on Israel

As we prepare watch the Democrats roll out their plan for America this week, it’s instructive to consider how the issue of Israel and the Palestinians plays out on the domestic policy stage. In a July 19th New York Daily News opinion piece “The GOP is playing a dangerous game with the Israeli-Palestinian conflict” Rabbi [Read More...]

Wheels of Faith: Coasting Uphill
by Rabbi Steven Moskowitz

Open the Door!

The Bible proclaims: “There shall be one law for the citizen and for the stranger that dwells among you.” (Exodus 12:49)  Moreover, the Bible commands, no less than 36 times, “Love the stranger.” Many are the strangers who wish to make this great nation their home! And yet America remains divided.  There are those who wish [Read More...]

Writing From the Edge
by Robert A. H. Cohen

So many bad ways to mark the Balfour Declaration – but here’s one good one

How to mark the 100th anniversary of the Balfour Declaration this November? You can be sure there’s going to be no end of bad ways. Albert Hall Hiring the Royal Albert Hall in London on 7 November with a 500 voice international Christian choir will definitely be up there with the most crassly inappropriate ways [Read More...]