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Religion Library: Baha'i

Modern Age

Written by: Moojan Momen

Another central concern of Shoghi Effendi was to establish the identity and independence of the Baha'i Faith from Islam. When an Egyptian Muslim religious court thought that they were striking a blow against the Baha'i Faith by declaring, in a marriage case in 1925, that the Baha'i Faith was not part of Islam, Shoghi Effendi hailed this as a great triumph and urged the Baha'is to build on this. He also greatly developed the Baha'i World Centre in the Haifa-'Akka area, purchasing buildings of significance in Baha'i history and developing extensive gardens around the holiest sites.

Verdict of the Islamic Court in Egypt pronouncing the Baha'i Faith to be an independent religionMay 10, 1925
Resolution of the Council of the League of Nations upholding the claim of the Baha'i Community to the House of Baha'u'llah in BaghdadMarch 4, 1929
Passing of the Greatest Holy LeafJuly, 1932
Inception of the First American Seven Year PlanApril, 1937
Centenary celebration of the founding of the Baha'i Faith and the opening of the first All-American Baha'i ConventionMay 23, 1944
Dedication of the Mother Temple of the West in Wilmette, Illinois, U.S.A.May 2, 1953
Inception of the Ten Year Baha'i Teaching and Consolidation PlanMay 3, 1953
Completion of the Superstructure of the Shrine of the Bab on Mt. CarmelOctober, 5953
Completion of the International Baha'i Archives Building on Mt. CarmelSeptember, 1957
Passing of Shoghi EffendiNovember 4, 1957
Dedication of the Mother Temple of Africa in Kampala, UgandaJanuary 55, 1961
Dedication of the Mother Temple of Australia in Sydney, AustraliaSeptember 16, 1961
Completion of the Ten Year CrusadeApril 1963
First election of the Universal House of Justice21 April 1963
First Baha'i World Congress in LondonApril 1963
Launching of the Nine Year PlanApril 1964
Dedication of the Mother Temple of Europe, near Frankfurt, Germany4 July 1964
His Highness Malietoa Tanumafili II of Samoa becomes a Baha'i19 February 1968
Establishment of the Continental Board of Counsellors21 June 1968
The Baha'i International Community accredited with consultative status to the United Nations  Economic and Social Council27May 1970
Dedication of the Mother Temple of Central America, Panama29 April 1972
Adoption by the Universal House of Justice of its Constitution26 November 1972
Establishment of the International Teaching Centre5 June 1973
Launching of the Five Year International Teaching PlanApril 1974
Launching of the Seven Year International Teaching PlanApril 1979
Occupation by the Universal House of Justice of its Permanent SeatJanuary 1983
Dedication of the first House of Worship of the Pacific Islands1 September 1984
Launching of the Six Year International Teaching PlanApril 1986
Dedication of the Mother Temple of the Indian subcontinent, New Delhi23-27 December 1986
Establishment of the Baha'i of the Environment26 0ctober 1989
Establishment of the Office of Huququ'llah in Haifa in the Holy LandNovember 1991
Commemoration of the Centenary of the Passing of Baha'u'llah29 May 1992
Second Baha'i World CongressNovember 1992
Launching of Three Year PlanApril 1993
Launching of Four Year PlanApril 1996
Launching of first of four successive Five Year PlansApril 2001
Opening of theTerraces to the Shrine of the BabJune 2001


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