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Religion Library: Baha'i


Written by: Moojan Momen

Baha'i Teachings Regarding the Coming of a World Savior in the World's Religions

Baha'i Teachings Regarding the Coming of a World Savior in the World's Religions
ReligionName of SaviorWill EndWill Usher in
Hinduism:Kalki AvatarKali Yuga (The Age of Decay)Krta (Golden) Age
Taoism:Hou Sheng (Coming Sage)EvilT'ai P'ing (Great Peace)
Buddhism:Maitreya BuddhaPeriod of the Disappearance of all signs of true religionRevival of religion; reappearance of Arhats
Zoroastrianism:Bahram Varjavand SaoshyantPeriod of Ahriman's reign on earthFrashkart (rehabilitation of the world)
Judaism:MessiahPersecution, humiliation, and dispersion of IsraelReestablishment and recognition of Israel's place in the world
Christianity:Return of ChristPeriod of Satan's rule over the earthKingdom of God on earth
Islam:Mahdi (For Shi`is: the Hidden Imam Mahdi) and return of ChristPeriod of injusticeEstablish justice and the rule of God's law

The expectation of the coming of the Shi'i figure called the Imam Mahdi, who was believed to have gone into hiding 1,000 years before and whose advent was awaited, was particularly strong in the early 19th century in Iran, where in many different localities, individuals arose who called on the people to prepare themselves for the return of the Imam. In general, this expectation was strongest among the followers of a group called the Shaykhi movement.

Then at the end of 1843, the leader of the Shaykhis died and announced that he would not appoint a successor but that his followers should disperse and look for someone to follow. A few months later, one of the most prominent Shaykhis, Mulla Husayn Bushru'i (1814-1848), met with a young merchant whom he believed to be a fellow Shaykhi, Sayyid ‘Ali Muhammad Shirazi (1819-1850), in the southern Iranian city of Shiraz.


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