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Rituals and Worship

Sacred Time

ISKCON members structure the daily life around a series of rituals and devotional practices intended to create a sense of sacred time. In addition to daily practices, ISKCON features a sacred calendar of holidays, celebrations, and observances.

Sacred Space

ISKCON looks to the locations associated with Krishna's earthly existence as particularly holy, but have built temples throughout the world as spaces to encounter the divine.

Rites and Ceremonies

The central rites and ceremony of the Hare Krishna movement are initiation, the communal singing of Krishna's names (kirtan), and the ritual worship of Krishna (arti), although numerous other devotional acts exist.

Worship and Devotion in Daily Life

ISKCON devotees engage in daily offerings to Krishna and in regular chanting of the sacred prayer (mantra).


Images of Krishna and his consort Radha are most central to the Hare Krishna movement, as well as those portraying their founder Bhaktivedanta and other members of the lineage.