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Religion Library: Islam

Human Nature and the Purpose of Existence

Written by: Beth Davies-Stofka

What does it mean to serve God, according to Islam? The answer lies in God's books of prophecy. God gave his revelation through the prophets, so that humans may know how to fulfill their purpose as God's agents on earth. They are to assist in realizing God's will for all of creation. In their desire to understand God's plan, most people benefit from God's guidance, which is why God sent prophets. God gave humans the Quran and the law, and together, they are the guide to a peaceful life. Put simply, humans serve God by doing good deeds, telling the truth, and obeying God's instructions contained in the Quran and the law. They serve the underserved. They feed the poor and care for orphans. They are faithful, and when they sin, they seek forgiveness with sincere remorse.

Muslim girls practicing their faith. Source: ranoush @ FlickrAs in Judaism and Christianity, simply following the way of Islam is its own reward. By following the path revealed by God, Muslims live in harmony with God and with all of creation. This brings the great blessings of peace and happiness in life. Those who live according to God's design will find wealth and success, and they will be respected in their communities, because they will always choose the right way. Not only will they be blessed by God, they will be a source of blessing to those who know them.

Study Questions:
1.     Why is viewing Allah as the creator essential to the behavior of Muslims?
2.     What is the role of service within Islam?
3.     What is the ultimate reward of working toward a peaceful and service-oriented existence?


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