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Religion Library: Judaism


Written by: Marc A. Krell

law code of Hammurabi Source: also see this religious syncretism coupled with an intellectual adaptation of Greek "strategies of existence" during the later Hellenistic period, most conspicuously illustrated in the scriptural books of Ecclesiastes in 250 B.C.E. and Daniel in the 2nd century B.C.E.Part of the Danel epic from the Ugaritic Aqhat Epic Source: The teaching of Ecclesiastes reflects the sense of predeterminism and detachment associated with the Greek philosophy of Stoicism. It instructs the reader not to become too emotionally attached to what happens in life because it is all predetermined by God. Moreover, Ecclesiastes's portrayal of an utterly transcendent and seemingly absent God resembles the Greek concept of impersonal fate.

Next, while the book of Daniel is based on the figure of Daniel in the Ugaritic Aqhat Epic, the book was most likely written during the Hellenistic period in approximately 164 B.C.E. Moreover, Daniel's apocalyptic visions in chapters 7-12 incorporate Hellenistic intellectual and religious influences like Platonic dualism, and his reference to secrets of the future or hidden knowledge possessed by God only revealed to the "elect" reflects the ideas of Hellenistic mystery cults and gnosticism. Finally, the book's portrayal of individual resurrection, unprecedented in the Hebrew scriptures, is a definite reflection of Hellenistic culture that would be developed in both Jewish and Christian cultures following the destruction of the Second Temple.

Daniel -- Double Chiasm
Chapter 1
Historical Prologue
A. Chapter 2
Kingdom Prophecies
Image of king
B. Chapter 3
Trials of God's People
Image Worship/Fiery Furnace
C. Chapter 4
King's Prophecy
Tree cut down
C. Chapter 5
King's Prophecy
Writing on the Wall
B. Chapter 6
Trials of God's People
Worship King/Lion's Den
A. Chapter 7
Kingdom Prophecies
Wild Beasts
A. Chapter 8
Kingdom Prophecies
Sacrificial Animals
B. Chapter 9a
Trials of God's People
Prayer of forgiveness
C. Chapter 9:25
King's Prophecy
Decree to rebuild Jerusalem
D. Chapter 9:26
Messiah Dies Alone
C. Chapter 9:25
King's Prophecy
Decree to destroy Jerusalem
B. Chapter 9:27
Trials of God's People
Mourning for the Temple
A. Chapter 10
Kingdom Prophecies
King of the North/King of the South
Chapter 12b
Prophetic Epilogue

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