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by David Mason

Toxic Theology: There Are No Coincidences

In its quest to infuriate by greater and greater degrees, this blog presents Toxic Theology, a new series in which are examined particularly treacherous dogma that too many folks seem to accept as rote. First in the series is: There Are No Coincidences. This notion is a treacherous, toxic religious tenet. Last week, when a [Read More...]

Benjamin the Scribe
by Ben Spackman

My MHA Presentation and Reconciling Science with Scripture

First, Zondervan has a Kindle sale on their Counterpoints series, where (mostly conservative) Evangelicals write different perspectives on a topic. In this series, I’ve only read Genesis: History, Fiction, or Neither, which is quite good. (I think Sparks makes the most persuasive argument and avoids special pleading.) The Historical Adam volume has some respectable authors, as [Read More...]

Civil Nations
by Blair Van Dyke

A Prayer for My Gay Marriage: My Brief Response

I found this to be a very helpful essay. It is well known that gay couples are very much closeted in Mormonism. This blog post illustrates this couple’s joy and warmth as well as a sense of the magic of their love. Further, I appreciate Laura Root’s insights and expressions of faith. I envy her [Read More...]

Faith-Promoting Rumor
by Exploring Mormon Thought, Culture, and Texts

On Cruises, Cash, and BYU Religious Education

Gaskill is not the most egregious case of trading on one's official and unofficial standing in the LDS community for free cruises and extra income.

Home Waters
by George B. Handley

Obedience as Gratitude

(This is a talk I gave at this year’s Women’s Conference at Brigham Young University.) For Thanksgiving each of us in the family has to make a pie—because you can never have too many pies—and this year I tried for the second year in a row to make a banana cream pie. My pie the [Read More...]

by Gina Colvin

Thomas B. Marsh: A tale of Being Offended or an Act of Integrity?

Guest Post by Ganeshji Cherian.  Wellington New Zealand Belonging is a big part of our validation as people. Our groupings give us a sense of security. They may even be the foundation of our economic and emotional wellbeing. Part of belonging to a group is believing that the association is valuable, so when people leave, [Read More...]

Mormon Fundamentals
by Lindsay Hansen Park

Polygamy is in my DNA

Guest post by Lizza Jacobs Nelson A few weeks ago after a long day of freeway and hours of listening to the Year of Polygamy podcast, the Boise temple unexpectedly appeared in my windshield, a literal beacon of light in the starless night as it was so often metaphorically explained. Except this time I didn’t feel [Read More...]

The Mormon Therapist
by Natasha Helfer Parker

Forced to Look at Our Straight Privilege

A 12-year old young woman forced us, as an LDS membership this past week, to look at our privilege as heterosexual members straight in the face.

Peculiar People
by Multiple authors

Confederate Symbols and the Black Flag of ISIS: Two Sides of the Same Coin

A terrorist symbol looms over my hometown. It stands for an intolerant, un-American ideology, one that stripped human beings of their dignity and equated them with animals, beasts who could be killed at will.  Ominous and unmoving, it is an unholy shrine to rape, torture, and genocide. It is a monument to Confederate soldiers. And [Read More...]

Sic et Non
by Daniel Peterson

On My Allegedly Self-Contradictory Views Regarding Religious Liberty and Gay Rights

Private citizens have rights that the government does not.

The Soul and the City
by Ralph C. Hancock

What is Love?

“This counterfeiting of the central ideal of Christianity for purposes directly contrary to basic Christian morality is a beguiling argument because it seems to allow an individual to avoid the hard choice between the Church and the world, the Tree of Life and the Great and Spacious Building. If “love” can be reduced to “non-discrimination,” [Read More...]

The Welcome Table
by Margaret Young

Mother’s Day–Not Bad!

A few years ago, I was invited to speak in Sacrament meeting on Mother’s Day. I figured I’d avoid that particular invitation for life. It’s on my list of nightmares. This is how the person conducting the meeting introduces me in my nightmare: “Well, brothers and sisters, we usually have our ideal mothers tell us [Read More...]