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by David Mason

The Don’t Misogyny List

Guys. Here’s my quick ‘Don’t Misogyny’ list. If you have had any interest during the past decade in understanding how you can make your immediate environment safer and in making yourself a less arrogant, less hostile, less misogynist brute, the following will seem elementary. But actual-factual incidents in My Mormon Church today demonstrate that too [Read More...]

Benjamin the Scribe
by Ben Spackman

10 Things for Understanding the Old Testament

My semester has ended, and now I enter into a busy summer of reading, writing, travel, research, and some public speaking. I do hope to be writing posts a little more often than I have in the last few months; at least, I have some posts on the back burner I’ve worked on sporadically, to [Read More...]

Civil Nations
by Blair Van Dyke

A Prayer for My Gay Marriage: My Brief Response

I found this to be a very helpful essay. It is well known that gay couples are very much closeted in Mormonism. This blog post illustrates this couple’s joy and warmth as well as a sense of the magic of their love. Further, I appreciate Laura Root’s insights and expressions of faith. I envy her [Read More...]

Faith-Promoting Rumor
by Exploring Mormon Thought, Culture, and Texts

The Gaskill Hoax, Three Years Later

Hey, remember the Gaskill hoax of 2014? In short, he published a book called The Lost Teachings of Jesus on the Sacred Place of Women. The basis of the book was a nineteenth-century forgery called the Unknown Life of Jesus. The fact of forgery was glossed over in the book, to say nothing of the [Read More...]

Home Waters
by George B. Handley

Obedience as Gratitude

(This is a talk I gave at this year’s Women’s Conference at Brigham Young University.) For Thanksgiving each of us in the family has to make a pie—because you can never have too many pies—and this year I tried for the second year in a row to make a banana cream pie. My pie the [Read More...]

by Gina Colvin

Mormon McDonald’s: An Allegory

For a lot of people, McDonald's is enough. They could eat McDonald's all their lives and be completely satisfied.

Mormon Fundamentals
by Lindsay Hansen Park

Polygamy is in my DNA

Guest post by Lizza Jacobs Nelson A few weeks ago after a long day of freeway and hours of listening to the Year of Polygamy podcast, the Boise temple unexpectedly appeared in my windshield, a literal beacon of light in the starless night as it was so often metaphorically explained. Except this time I didn’t feel [Read More...]

The Mormon Therapist
by Natasha Helfer Parker

Mother’s Day Tribute

Mother’s Day can be both a wonderful and difficult day for many and it’s complicated sometimes to know how to honor the many journeys everyone is on, while also wanting to validate one’s own. I came across the following tribute on Facebook yesterday and it was so touching to me that I asked it’s author [Read More...]

Peculiar People
by Multiple authors

First-Order Myopia: What Donald Trump Can Learn from Joseph Smith

Joseph Smith’s life was cut short because he failed to look beyond first-order consequences. Trump should learn from his mistake. In the summer of 1844, the bustling new city of Nauvoo, Illinois, was a powder keg. Doctrinal disputes and personal feuds had birthed a state of heightened tension between Joseph Smith, the mayor of Nauvoo [Read More...]

Sic et Non
by Daniel Peterson

“LDS Charities Food Production and Nutrition Program”

    A tiny aspect of the enormous and varied good done by the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints:   Posted from somewhere in southeastern England    

The Soul and the City
by Ralph C. Hancock

What is Love?

“This counterfeiting of the central ideal of Christianity for purposes directly contrary to basic Christian morality is a beguiling argument because it seems to allow an individual to avoid the hard choice between the Church and the world, the Tree of Life and the Great and Spacious Building. If “love” can be reduced to “non-discrimination,” [Read More...]

The Welcome Table
by Margaret Young

Mother’s Day–Not Bad!

A few years ago, I was invited to speak in Sacrament meeting on Mother’s Day. I figured I’d avoid that particular invitation for life. It’s on my list of nightmares. This is how the person conducting the meeting introduces me in my nightmare: “Well, brothers and sisters, we usually have our ideal mothers tell us [Read More...]