And while we are working on our thesis, we will also vigorously look at our anti-thesis: Christianity, and the Abrahamics in general. While I believe there is a place for cooperative behavior with Christianity, Islam, and Judaism, I will leave it to those who are interested. My task is to criticize the Abrahamics, to challenge their preeminence and point out when the emperor is wearing no clothes. I don't think too much of their theology, their morals, or their God, and plan to talk about it. And, no, you can't worship Jesus Christ and be a Pagan.

The place of the Pagan community in the larger society also must change. No Pagan must ever fear for their career or that they will lose their children because of their religion. There should be no impediments to our leaders marrying, burying, or visiting in hospital. We should not be obstructed from owning property or building sanctuaries and temples because we are Pagan. Only concerted effort will free us of this oppression and fear. We will plan and labor to achieve Pagan Restoration.

Finally, I wish to more thoroughly explore a notion I've discussed previously (here and here). Pagans are the shadow of western civilization. We are the rejected, the forgotten, and the repressed of our culture. Yet, while we are so burdened, this position also gives us a tremendous point of leverage to change our society, for as Jung taught, it is to the Shadow we must go when we are unable to find solutions in the face of challenge. Our human world is facing its greatest crisis yet. I believe this crisis is a necessary stage for humanity to achieve its adulthood, growing out of consuming everything around and soiling our bedding. The only solutions being presented perpetuate and do not solve the crisis. I believe that the Pagan way can contribute to a vision of a world that works, but only if we are taken seriously; and this requires Pagan Restoration.

Come join with me. We can do this.