Causes: Other than directly supporting soldiers' ability to kill people efficiently, I can't think of causes that honors her. Care packages for troops or morale-raising events are definitely not her thing.

Possible exception: causes that protect crows or ravens.


Spirit of abject terror, and also spirit of the sacred. Nemhain is a complex goddess who underscores some of the most rugged truths about transcendent practices.

Causes: Retreats and retreat centers. Supporting intensive, dedicated spiritual practice.

Manannán mac Lir

Spirit of old age and crossing boundaries. Patron of mariners and travelers.

Causes: Travel-related projects. Advancing longevity. Oral history projects to record the stories of seniors. Honoring elders. Boat-related causes. Causes related to funerals and honoring the dead. Causes that help orphans and foster children. Anything that supports or promotes the Isle of Man, the Manx language or the Manx people.

Common misconceptions: Often mistakenly said to be the god of the sea. The sea is actually a fomhor (titan) named Tethra. There are many parallels between the two but Tethra appears to be the sea itself in all its might and fury while mac Lir is the god who traverses the sea between the worlds. Another deity, Nechtan, could be viewed as the god of the sea but is more directly associated with wells. Nechtan is identical to Nuadu, given below.


A suggested reconstruction names Aine as the spirit of the sun. I feel the evidence in the lore is strong for this. She is also associated with flowers and the fertility of crops.

Causes: Agricultural causes. Curing breast cancer. Solar power. Youth development projects aimed specifically at girls/young women. Preserving the monuments and heritage of Munster.


Spirit of life-giving fire on earth. Does not rhyme with "rigid"—pronounced more like "Bree-ij."

Causes: Helping mothers. Helping children. Cooking-related causes. Home-related causes. Free clinics. (A medical cause that charges the patient money, even at a deep discount, is not a good fit for Brighid.) Veterinary causes and caring for animals. Dairy-related causes. Bringing hope to people. Forgiveness. Interfaith work. Shelters for battered women. Creating safe shelters or refuges of any kind. Aiding refugees. Shielding others.

Alternate: Brighid's son Ruadhan betrayed the gods and was speared through the back as he fled to the giants. Brighid was the first mother ever to keen. In this aspect, causes related to grief would also be appropriate.

Common misconceptions: Brighid is frequently said to be the patron of poets, smiths and healers because of a line in one manuscript that is taken too literally. More consistent with her mythos would be viewing her as the fire that powers all those arts: the flame in the forge, the spark of inspiration, the fire of the life force. (Indeed, she's the mother of several craft deities who actually perform those arts—she gave them life, but does not practice the crafts herself.) Causes related to those three arts should really be associated with their respective craft deities, given below.


Spirit of the moon, the tracking of time, and the night sky. Strongly associated with cows. Also the spirit of the sacred river of Ireland, the Boyne River, named after her.