Actually a mortal. The first person to die in Ireland, he was a king who sacrificed himself to save his companions. He was then the first person to reach the afterlife and became the king of the dead.

Causes: Honoring the dearly departed. Geneaology. Protecting or restoring tombs. Protecting the Skellig Rocks off the coast of Ireland.



Blacksmith of the gods, god of blacksmiths. Also the god of technology more broadly. Causes related to metalwork, or modern technology that involves working with the hands (welding, etc.).


Bronzeworker of the gods, god of bronzeworkers. All fine metal work such as jewelry, and related arts. Modern technology that includes precious metals, like making computers.


Builder of the gods, god of builders. All construction related causes, or promoting traditional carpentry and masonry skills.

Dian Cecht

Physician of the gods, god of healers. All causes that provide professional medical care, surgery, etc. and all healing related causes. All medical research, vaccination programs, Doctors Without Borders, psychological health, and first aid/CPR training.


Dian Cecht's daughter, patron of healing herbs. Causes related to herbal or natural medicine. Airmed prefers medicines that actually work, so not necessarily "alternative" medicine writ large. No homeopathy.


Mac Lir's daughter, patron of nurses and caretakers. All causes related to nurturing others. Causes related to reuniting families.


Poet of the gods, god of poets. All causes related to poetry, literature and music. Potentially modern crafts that involve primarily intellectual work (such as coding) or communication.


Satire poet of the gods, god of satire poets. Causes related not just to political satire, but any use of words to bring someone down or effect change. "Dirty" causes like mudslinging campaigns are definitely fitting.


Harper of the gods, god of harpers. Causes related to harps and preserving traditional Irish music.


Druid of the gods, god of philosophers and trained clergy. All scientific causes. Additionally, research into authentic reconstruction of druidic practices, and causes that support those practices. Supporting your local reconstructionist temple. Formal theology and academic philosophy. Political causes. Legal battles.


Magician of the gods, god of magicians. Any causes that help people help themselves. Also, preserving or teaching the magical arts.



With her sisters, the spirit of Ireland. All causes related to Irish culture or protecting and preserving Ireland.

Other land deities

There are accounts of dozens of named local deities who serve as the patrons of towns, mountains, rivers etc. in Ireland—and most Gaelic polytheists honor their local land deities wherever they are. The best causes for any land deity are those that protect the land itself and those that celebrate the traditions of the people who live there.


The daoine sídhe or Good Folk don't take active interest in mortal affairs. However, they could be honored by causes involving helping those who wander, hosting games and parties, or spoiling children. Causes that protect the megaliths and ring-forts of Ireland would definitely honor them. But the best way to honor them might be to simply not call them "fairies," which is traditionally considered to insult them, and not depict them as cutesy Tinkerbells.


After I made this guide, BT went ahead and chose individual nonprofits for each deity. Sometimes he stays close to my suggestions, sometimes he directly contradicts me. Either way he's created a terrific list of specific charities, and I hope you'll consider them for your holiday season giving.