If Republicans dominate government, particularly the presidency, there will be no sympathetic ear anywhere for taking care of the earth. I admit there are too few sympathetic Democratic ears, but being hard of hearing is preferable to being absolutely deaf.

3) The Supreme Court

Any coherent Pagan view of ourselves and our world must, I think, grant that we live within networks of relationships that are more than purely instrumental. Yes, the world and all within it is useful and can be even more so. But in that respect, the usefulness of our world is like that of friendship. If we value someone solely because they are useful, we are not truly friends, and we will blind ourselves to the deeper values and truths that happen when utility is subordinated to care.

A part of legitimate self-governance by a community is being able to make decisions as to what kind of behavior is acceptable and what is not. People disagree, and mistakes will be made. But the hope is that in a free society over time, the better case and the better ethics will win out.

In Citizens United, the Supreme Court majority has made this basic principle difficult to actually act upon. Citizens United holds to the most vulgar and depraved concept of citizenship: that corporations are persons and money is speech. If corporations were persons, they would be regarded as dangerous psychopaths, incapable of acting ethically. The corrupt judicial minds on the Supreme Court have done all they can to ensure that these institutional psychopaths, who are never punished for crimes that would send a genuine person to jail, are free to use hundreds of millions of dollars to further corrupt our elections.

I could go on, but this case alone is sufficient to allow the court's composition to affect the future of every citizen and all their children.

The next president will almost certainly appoint one or two justices, and Justice Ginsberg will probably be one who retires. She is one of the minority of liberal justices, and a conservative one in her place will make the court a bastion of antidemocratic reaction for many years to come.

As we Pagans increase in public visibility, we can be certain that the radical right will do what it can to make our religion and our lives more difficult. Having their allies dominate the Supreme Court will make their task easier, our well-being more difficult.

4) Religion and Politics

The theocratic right's stranglehold on the Republican Party is a threat to Pagans and to all Americans. That people like Todd Akin and Richard Mourdock have a chance at national office is powerful testimony to the debasement of the Republican Party and the peril we all face as a result. The Republicans are powerfully influenced by an organization, The Family. The Family includes a high number of Republican senators and representatives, and it explicitly seeks to establish theocracy in the United States. John Cornyn, a member, has defended Mourdock's argument that women must be forced to carry to term babies conceived during rape.