I suppose because I have been to a ritual that Steven was involved in presenting last year (put on by Hrafnar in honor of Freyr), and I took everything in that ritual extremely seriously (even when it seemed to have somewhat funny results!), there was an intangible something that I will always now take into account when I see Steven, and I knew this would be the case when it actually happened.

As it turned out, the Beard Blessing Ritual that the Ekklesía Antínoou held on Monday morning at nine o'clock, and which was better attended than any of the other events I was responsible for convening over PantheaCon 2014, was also attended by John Beckett, John Halstead, and Ruth. They all indicated to me that they at least enjoyed it, and that's important. I spoke a good deal more with John Beckett later in the day, but didn't get to speak further with "the other" John or Ruth. Will we speak more in the future? I don't know.

But, my question now becomes: as a person focused on the gods to whom I am devoted: what is my responsibility to those who have come to these rituals and have enjoyed the hospitality and blessings of my deities? I am inclined to think that any answer other than "I have no responsibility toward them" is not only a good answer, but the right answer; and yet, still, what is my responsibility specifically, which is entirely independent of their own beliefs on these matters?

It's a question I will be struggling with over the coming months, and I'd be intrigued to hear your own thoughts on these matters if you have them.

And, John B., Jason, Niki, John H. and Ruth, Steven, and Angus: let's have some liquids and/or pork products the next time we're in the same space again!