Week 2: MMORPGs and Second Life
8) Create an avatar on Second Life and learn how to navigate in that world.
9) Find and meet other avatars and strike up a conversation.
10) Find a place of worship in Second Life and worship or pray there.
11) Ask a neighbor youth or your own child about their favorite social game.
12) Read the list of six strengths of games (pages 73-74) in Mediating Faith.
13) Invite a young person to teach you how to play a social game.
14) Read around in the World of Warcraft Wiki to learn about formation there.

Week 3: Catechumenate
15) Ask your pastor (or a colleague) about the process for formation for newcomers in their/your congregation.
16) Invite a group of friends over for a meal followed by a Bible study.
17) Ask yourself, "How does my baptism shape my faith today?"
18) Attend a formation event in another church, such as Alpha.
19) Seek out and interview a person baptized as an adult.
20) Browse the North American Catechumenate web site: http://www.catechumenate.org
21) Compare the catechumenate to how you are continuing to learn and grow in Christian community.

Week 4: Facebook and Social Media
22) Take one whole day and disconnect from all social media.
23) Post your favorite prayer as a status update or tweet.
24) Look over the shoulder of a friend as they browse a social network foreign to your experience.
25) Browse through the posts in an active Facebook group. Ask yourself, "How is this group shaping the participants in this group?"
26) Do something in social media that causes you discomfort.
27) Invite people in your network to donate to your favorite charity. Donate to theirs.
28) Reach out to someone you haven't messaged recently in social media, and offer a kind word.

Week 5: The Brain
29) Keep track of how much time every day you spend on the computer. Ask yourself, "Does this time represent what I value most?"
30) Ask yourself, "How does your brain feel when you are browsing the web?"
31) Stay away from a computer for at least a day. Ask yourself, "How does your brain feel now?"
32) Assess which medium in your life is currently channeling new neural networks in your brain.
33) Create a plan to more regularly engage media that you want to be extensions of your humanity.
34) Ask your spouse, or a trusted friend, "How have I changed with the advent of Facebook/the Internet?"
35) How would your life change—for the better or the worse—if you changed the way you used media?

Week 6: The Spirit and Means
36) Bring to mind the last time you truly had a sense of awe or wonder. Find God there.
37) Bring to mind the last time you were truly underwhelmed or bored. Find God there.
38) Receive or observe a sacrament.
39) Ask a child or grandparent or spouse to read the Bible to you.
40) Consider how the Spirit is at work in a completely new social network, like Pinterest or Snapchat.
41) How is the cross a spiritual medium?
42) How is the empty tomb a spiritual medium?