My room currently sports a spider plant, an easy-to-tend plant that reduces indoor air pollution and reproduces easily, making the spider plant a source of gifts as well! When I visit home in a few weeks, I'll be returning with an aloe plant, similar to a spider plant as far care and reproduction goes, known for warding off fires and producing a goo-like sap that treats sunburns. (That green goo you buy from the store to put on sunburns? Yeah, that's aloe.)

Mabon is coming up and I know I won't be able to go apple picking in a family-owned orchard like I normally would. I'm going to have to be a little more creative this time around in making Mabon extra special (it is my favorite Sabbat, second only to Samhain). The cafeteria sells locally grown apples by the bag; I'm going to be making an apple pie. I discovered a secluded statue of a beautiful nude woman on campus; I have no idea who she is and there's not plaque bearing a name, but you can bet she'll be decorated with fall flowers and apples, and pumpkins later on for Samhain.

College doesn't have to be a big fight with ‘The Man' over having an athame in your room, or uncomfortable silences/verbal sparring matches with a roommate over the fact that you are going to Hell. With a little preparation, college is a wonderfully rewarding time to grow and learn more about yourself.

Blessed Be!


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Raisa Lardie is an undergraduate perusing a double major in anthropology and linguistics. She is just working up the courage to publish pagan essays and is currently working on her first novel.