Pont. Max. M. Horatius (L) and Pont. T. Sabinus (R) Romania, August 2008The following day, April 21, 2008, the celebrations continued around the world for the 2761st anniversary of the Founding of Rome. Participating in these world-wide celebrations were the Societas Via Romana and The Roman Way, Nova Roma, Pax Deorum of Ohio, the Clarion Temple of Philadelphia, the Temple Religio Romana of California and Oregon, and the Sacred Grove of Egeria at Chapel Hill, N. C. Since that year the annual sacred rites of Jupiter Latiaris have been continued atop Mont Albano, Italy.

Pont. Sabinus conducts the sacrum Herculis, Romania, 2008That same year saw Pontifex Maximus M. Horatius join with Pontifex T. Julius Sabinus and Pontifex Cn. Lentulus at Baiae Herculane, Romania. This is the location of the oldest and still-functioning Roman bathhouse where visitors from around the world come to partake in its healing waters. Pontifex Sabinus led a sacrificial ceremony for Hercules in thanks for His healing waters. Pontifex Lentulus conducted a thanksgiving to Concordia for the Tenth Anniversary of Nova Roma. Meanwhile Pontifex Maximus Horatius, donning a black toga of mourning, conducted ceremonies to recall home the genius of a U.S. soldier and cultor Deorum who had died in Iraq earlier that year. Attending the sacrificial rites were cultores Deorum from Romania, Finland, Hungary, Italy, Canada, and the United States.

Conventus Dacia MMDCCLXI
Baiae Herculane, Romania

Pont. Max. Horatius (L) and Pont. Lentulus (R) discussing ritual preparations, Romania, 2008August 2008 was the first occasion when two Consuls of Nova Roma from different continents, one from North America and one from Europe, met one another while in office. It was also the first year when Pontifices from different countries held a conference and celebrated rituals together. This event came after the Consuls and Pontifices M. Horatius and T. Sabinus had for the first time in Nova Roma's history invited other organizations of the Religio Romana in joint religious celebrations.

But not all celebrations that year were happy occasions.

Pont. Max. M. Horatius and camilla Livia: Romania 2008.In May 2008 Nova Roma saw its first member to die while involved in a war. C. Popillius Strabo died in Iraq while serving in the U.S. Army. He received a military funeral in his hometown. At the request of his widow, his funeral recognized him as a cultor Deorum Romani and member of Nova Roma. Pont. Max. Horatius conducted additional ceremonies, inviting the genius of C. Popillius to return to his home, and called upon the sacred Lares to guide him on to the Blessed Isles.