The Angel of Ephesus: Louis Comfort Tiffany

The Angel of Ephesus

The angel of Ephesus stands serenely beneath a bright star, surrounded by the fiery golden halo of her wings. She holds a branch of the Tree of Life and a bright yellow jewel crowns her hair. Her upper body is sheathed in amber drapery, showing the unique Tiffany "drapery" glass.

She represents the city of Ephesus, in present-day Turkey, where the apostle Paul established a church. The people of Ephesus are faithful and hardworking, but their focus is on rigid doctrine. They take pride in their achievements and ignore the needs of others.

From Ephesus we learn how easy it is to become rigid in belief systems while forgetting the importance of love. The angel of Ephesus radiates a serene state of peace as an example of one who has overcome these challenges. The Tree of Life in her hand represents eternal salvation.

Lord, keep me humble in my ways so that I always know that all good and truth comes from you and that the greatest expression of love is through good work done in kind and unselfish ways. Help me to remember that it is in your name all is done. May your love and wisdom permeate all that I do and say so that I may find the peace of eternal salvation.