The Angel of Smyrna: Louis Comfort Tiffany

The Angel of Smyrna

The angel of Smyrna smiles beneath a shining star, appearing as a youthful figure in a flowing white mantle. She holds a golden crown, which glows from within due to Tiffany's use of copper foil behind bright yellow glass.

She represents the city of Smyrna. The Smyrnians desire to do good works, but their desire exceeds their level of wisdom, allowing false ideas to creep in, and planting seeds of doubt. But love is the motivating force for all of their actions.

From Smyrna we learn that to do good things for the wrong reasons is only an external good, not a spiritual good. An understanding of God as the source of love and truth is essential to earning the crown of everlasting life. The golden crown is a victory wreath, representing a triumph of truth over falsity.

Lord, grant me the wisdom to hear your words clearly. Teach me to listen carefully and love wisely. Clarify my thoughts and examine my motives so that all good that I do comes through wisdom and is freely given to further the good of the recipient. In this way, please allow me to be a clear and open channel for your love.