The Angel of Thyatira: Louis Comfort Tiffany

The Angel of Thyatira

The angel of Thyatira gazes directly out from the window, cloaked in a priestly robe and cape. The angel holds a six-pointed star, which glows even more vividly than the five-pointed stars that shine from the top of each window.

The angel represents the city of Thyatira, which was originally a Macedonian military settlement, and later a wealthy industrial center. The people of Thyatira understand the importance of the union of love and truth, but can be tempted by outside influences. One temptation they face is the belief in salvation by faith alone.

From Thyatira we learn that to separate faith from charity upsets the balance of love and truth. No matter where we are in our spiritual paths, we must always be aware of temptations and falsehoods. The morning star is the meeting of love and wisdom. Balance is achieved.

Lord, give me the strength to resist temptations that pull me from my path. Let my road go straight to you as I allow the shining star of truth to lead me. Shine your light on false ideas that are separated from your love, and allow my expression and works to manifest your love for all people.