The Angel of Sardis: Louis Comfort Tiffany

The Angel of Sardis

The angel of Sardis wears shining white armor encrusted with golden jewels under a bright white robe. In shadow, her left hand holds the book of life. The cover of the book is crafted from mottled brown glass to simulate the texture of a leather binding.

She represents the city of Sardis, which had a thriving Jewish population from the first century BCE, and many of its citizens were enrolled in the synagogues. The city and people of Sardis are known for instability and deterioration. The people follow the form of the law, but give no thought to the inner meaning. They are lacking in spiritual fire.

From Sardis we learn that worship for the sake of outward appearance is a sham. It is vital to bring life, which is love and wisdom, into worship to truly connect to the divine. The book of life and the angel's bright robes represent the state of spiritual awakening and connection to a higher wisdom.

Lord, help me to examine myself and seek to connect with your truth so that my words and actions are sincere. In this way, I can wake up to life so that all that I do and say are rooted in your wisdom.