The Angel of Philadelphia: Louis Comfort Tiffany

The Angel of Philadelphia

The angel of Philadelphia is the darkest of the seven windows, with only the body of the angel shining in jeweled golden armor. He holds in his right hand a large book, and his left arm rests on a pillar of opalescent glass.

He represents the city of Philadelphia, which was named after the founding king's brother, and means "brotherly love." The city was at the epicenter of the 17 CE earthquake, and most of its citizens lived outside of its walls. Despite the physical and political instability of Philadelphia, its people are praised for their steadfastness and endurance.

From Philadelphia we learn when we live a life based on truth from God, we have access to His wisdom and can always view life from a loving perspective. We must continue to have patience to do what is right. The pillar represents the strength gained from doing good.

Lord, give me the strength to remember the source of all good, and to be open to the loving wisdom that comes from you. In this way, I can stay on the path of the good and true and spend my eternal life in heaven. The door is open, and none can shut it if I continue to do your will.