The Angel of Laodicea: Louis Comfort Tiffany

The Angel of Laodicea

The angel of Laodicea appears as a conquering warrior, wearing a gold crown on his head and holding a scepter in his left hand. He wears golden armor and a crimson cloak.

He represents the city of Laodicea, which was on a major trade route and became a wealthy banking and commercial center. The people of Laodicea are lukewarm. They sometimes believe wholeheartedly, and then fall prey to earthly temptations and use truths to advance their own selfish motives.

From Laodicea we learn that we must be vigilant about how we use our spiritual wisdom. By turning to the divine for guidance and understanding, and leading a life that shuns selfish goals, we can be healed. The crown represents the wisdom attained from love, and the scepter signifies divine truth.

Lord, as I continue on this spiritual path, let me be ever wary of the pitfalls of using what I have learned for my own purposes. Help me stay loving and true and always aware that the source of all love and wisdom is from you. Open the door when I knock, when I am ready, and give me the strength and clarity to stay in alignment with your truth. In this way, I will do your work with a clear and open heart.