And there are sections that would seem to be especially reflective of Smith's atheist perspective:

  1. "Alternative to God Proves Very Popular" (Rev. 12:17-13:8)
  2. "God's Garish Eternal Tribute to Himself" (Rev. 21:1-22)

In all, the book—with its skewed perspective on matters of faith and its wry commentary on Old Testament stories—makes a pretty good case against faith. Since that's not the objective of most parents, I'd suggest looking elsewhere for a good Bible storybook for your children.

Oddly, I found myself feeling not wrath, but sadness for "Reverend" Smith. A young (30-something) man with a great amount of talent, he rejects God even while immersing himself in the Bible. I pray that God, who is all-knowing and who loves Brendan Powell Smith with an unquenchable love, might bring into Smith's life someone who can help him to see the deeper meaning behind those stern Old Testament stories, the divine inspiration in the Bible he now mocks.

In his introduction to his first papal encyclical Deus Caritas Est, Pope Benedict XVI said this: "I wish to underline the centrality of faith in God, in that God who has assumed a human face and a human heart. Faith is not a theory that one can take up or lay aside. It is something very concrete: It is the criterion that decides our lifestyle."

I pray that Brendan Powell Smith, like a contemporary Dante Alighieri, will someday bring the gift of faith to his creative endeavors, and will seek to convey in his work the tender mercies of an almighty God. Now that would be a book I could buy!