In short, the pill empowered women by giving them pretty reliable control over their biology. The result was discomfiting for those who praise domination, especially those who themselves are not at the top of the baboon troop, and so desperately need underlings to dominate. Traditionally women have served that function for the mid- and low-level tyrants.

No wonder they hate contraception and ignore its role in treating women's physical health since that acknowledgement interferes with their hatred of its role in empowering them. But in giving in to their hatreds and fears, they are alarming more normal human beings and some are beginning to hit back.

As for Limbaugh, I think future historians will identify this as his "McCarthy Moment." Senator Joe McCarthy was a nationally admired (by the right wing of the time ) bully, destroying careers and flailing wildly at anyone who disagreed with him. Then the Army-McCarthy hearings took him a step too far. McCarthy attacked the U.S. military as communist infiltrated to a dangerous degree. Even some of his supporters could see the viciousness, the bullying, and the factual emptiness behind his attacks. McCarthy's reign of nastiness was over. Now it seems to be Limbaugh's turn.

It will be very fitting if the nihilists on the right meet their Waterloo by mindlessly attacking women. If they do we can feel good, at least most of us can, as being a vital part of one of the most transformative dimensions of the great cultural renewal the '60s initiated: the revival and growth of feminine values and eventually power in a society desperately needing this change.