Christmas Angels

I have had great success with simple angel ornaments the children can decorate as a gift for others. Warning: I spend a good deal of time in preparation, making a very primitive stencil of an angel silhouette (with simplified halo) and cutting a couple dozen of them out of white card stock before class. I give the children washable markers and cheap star stickers to decorate their angels, and then distribute brightly colored feathers and glue sticks for adorning the wings. When they are finished, the children come to me and I wrap half a metallic gold pipe cleaner around the indentation between the head and the halo, twisting the loose ends together in back and bending them into the shape of a hook (for hanging on the tree).

One year we sent our angels to soldiers in Iraq, along with sporting magazines, bags of dried fruit, chocolate, and other goodies parents donated. The medic of the company that received them took digital pictures of the area in the medical tent where our angels were hung, and emailed the photos to me along with a warmly appreciative note. The children were overjoyed.

These crafts are successful because:
1) They bring a joyful connection to lessons on faith, hope, and love.
2) They are cheap, so you don’t bungle your budget.
3) They are fairly quick, so very little class time is lost for teaching the Faith.
4) They are easy, so every kid can succeed.
5) They produce something of beauty and value that will likely be used again and remain in the home as a reminder of the lesson.

Thanks for joining me again, this week. Please try to take a few minutes every day to be quiet and listen for God’s gentle voice within you. This is an especially grace-filled season for drawing near to Him, even in the midst of all our busyness. If you have been away from the sacraments this is a powerful time to return, and you will experience precious rewards. Like little children, let’s move past all our inhibitions and come to Jesus. It’s all He wants for Christmas.

God bless you!