Truer words were never spoken. They are ably illustrated by this masterpiece, which has stood the test of time.

If East of Eden makes you want to dig into Genesis a bit more, allow me to suggest Robert Alter's Genesis: Translation and Commentary from 1996. A Professor of Hebrew and Comparative Literature at Berkeley, Alter has completely re-translated Genesis. His sources are broad ranging, dating back to medieval Jewish writers among others. The result is a translation retaining the original vivid meaning and power of the Hebrew, while being imbued with fluent readability. His commentary sheds new light on all the possibilities that the Hebrew carries within it. The result for me was that Genesis came alive in a way I could not imagine possible before. I cannot recommend it highly enough.

Either book may leave you as surprised and enriched as it did me. Be careful though. Your enjoyment may leave your friends and well-wishers flush with success and ready to promote another great book. My daughter has lately hooked me up with Silas Marner. I'll let you know how it goes.

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