The Biblical Imagination Series
This series intends to work its way through all four Gospels, illustrating all along what it means to take the imagination seriously in the understanding of the Bible. These are not, strictly speaking, a collection of academic books, although I intend to draw from the best scholarly sources. Instead, I hope to present a fresh way to approach the Gospels for the lay reader. If the scholarly book or article represents not the end but only the beginning, I intend to take what responsible scholars have faithfully and arduously fought for and demonstrate what it might look like to engage with their facts and with the Scripture on our own, to take their facts and ask what they mean in a larger sense.

Beginning with the Gospel of Luke, the Biblical Imagination Series is an invitation to work through the Gospels along with me. I will take seriously the individual life of each Gospel writer, as well as the life situations that called forth each individual book. Instead of dealing with the texts line by line, or even word by word, we will work with larger blocks of material, looking for major themes and trying to grasp the flow of the story of the life of Jesus. I will do my best to ask good questions and to always be aware of your presence on the journey with me. So consider this my personal invitation to join me as we make our way through the Gospels.

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