It seems there are real challenges to prosecuting the traffickers. Why is that?

There are many reasons, including that law enforcement is often not trained to detect trafficking crimes, human trafficking laws vary greatly from state-to-state, and most human trafficking laws are relatively new and have had very little implementation. A few cases are beginning to take place, yet fail to account for even one percent of the traffickers in America. The real change is taking place by everyday citizens standing up to do something to help.

Why isn't this issue discussed more in our political debates? You'd think it would be something as important as the prolife issue.

Politicians tend to follow what gets attention. When human trafficking is front-page news on major newspapers or the public demands attention, politicians will address it more. Regardless of party affiliation, politicians tend to act on what their audience considers top priority.

What can ordinary Americans do to get involved in stopping human trafficking?

1) Pray for me and Dillon Burroughs and all the volunteers at the Mercy Movement. Our work can be dangerous. 2) Buy Not In My Town to learn about the problem of human trafficking in the U.S. 3) Give generously to the Mercy Movement because our work, especially travel, is necessary yet costly. Those who help with our work literally help us bring attention to this issue in a way that is saving lives and takes a clear stand against modern slavery.