Shadow Fire Weaver

I have been a practicing solitary for twenty-two years. My husband's newfound interest meant I had to find a structured way of teaching him. When I found the Witchschool (WS), I fell in love with the tradition and we both joined. While I am reviewing the basics, I am blessed to see hubby experience them for the first time. WS enables me to continue on my Spiritualist path as well as my exploration of Voodoo. I am a devotee of Kali Ma and consider myself a Spiritualist Witch. By this I mean that my personal focus is on communication with those on the other side.

I believe one's "tradition" is becoming less important while how one practices is becoming more important. For example, WS, as an online, accepting, open, communal portal is the way of the future. Bringing people, even of different traditions, together to practice is more important than finding people to fit into a strictly run tradition. I believe we always need to be open to coexistence with other faiths. I doubt we will ever be mainstream; however I also believe we need to be peaceful and accepting toward non-Pagan faiths and neutralize, never reflect, the prejudice and negativity we may experience at their hands. Yes, Pagan study needs to continue to grow on all levels, including theology! Lastly, I like to believe that we as a people tend to change with the times more easily than do those of other faiths. We know the wheel turns, not just "out there" but within. We celebrate those changes. I know we will continue to do so.

Shadow Fire Weaver


Just a quick note about inter-faith work -- here in West Yorkshire in the UK, the Pagan Federation is active within Concord, an inter-faith group in Leeds. We have had a "walk of friendship," involving members of many faiths, to a mosque, a synagogue, a local stone circle, and a Christian church; we've had neighborhood litter-picking days; and more to come! We are very lucky to live in a multi-cultural and, in the majority, tolerant community.

A 40-year-old Kitchen Witch, been a witch for (ouch) twenty years now, I am married to a wonderful man who isn't Pagan but considers himself "Pagan Friendly"! We have two little witchlets, one of each variety. After many years of travelling the world for work, I have settled into the stay-at-home mum role, bringing up our lovely babes with a reverence for all of nature and spending hours growing and making our own food (with all the mess that entails!) and celebrating the seasons with them. You can normally find me up to my wrists in baking, up to my elbows in compost, or up to my ears in the kids' toys!