Adam Walker Cleaveland

The Triune God consists of God the Creator, God the Redeemer and God the Sustainer. Rather than existing in an hierarchical relationship together, the Triune God is a relational being - one which is dynamic and organic. The relationship is best described as that of a 3-person dance (perichoresis). The relationality between the members of the Triune God gives humanity one of its greatest clues to what being created in the imago dei truly means - to be in relationship with others and with God Godself.

Adam Walker Cleaveland is a 29-year-old Minister for Youth & Young Adults, blogger, networker, designer, husband, and progressive Presbymergent.  His blog is Pomomusings

Jim Burklo

Is that you, God, in a blade of grass breaking through a crack in the asphalt?  Is that you, God, holding the rest of the asphalt together?  Is that you, God, pushing sun-stained mountains up from the sea?  Is that you, God, in the rain wearing them down to beach sand again?  Is that you, God, in people young and old, whole and broken, lining up for bread and wine at the altar?  Is that you, God, in their wholeness and brokenness?  Is that you, God, in the bread and wine?  Is that you, God... in these questions?

Jim Burklo is an ordained United Church of Christ pastor and the Associate Dean of Religious Life at the University of Southern California. He is the author of Birdlike And Barnless: Meditations, Prayers, and Songs for Progressive Christians (2008) and Open Christianity: Home By Another Road (2000).  Jim's blog Musings can be found at The Center for Progressive Christianity (

Amy Julia Becker

"He is the image of the invisible God..." (Colossians 1:15). 

In Jesus, we see God, broken and beautiful. The abstract becomes concrete. In Jesus, we see God, who welcomes children, touches a bleeding woman, a leper, a blind man, challenges religious leaders and prostitutes alike. We see God, who condemns the sin that breaks us, who heals and restores the broken. We see God, on the cross, broken for us. God, raised to life, beautiful. In Jesus, we see God, the one who walked among us, the one who, amidst our brokenness, calls forth our beauty.

Amy Julia Becker is a writer, a student at Princeton Theological Seminary, wife to Peter, and mother to Penny and William. She has written one book, Penelope Ayers:  A Memoir, and blogs at Thin Places

Christine Sine

God is love.  But what does that mean?  It seems incomprehensible that God cares deeply and passionately for all created beings.  The God we rejected did not walk away from us.  God's loving heart aches at our suffering and the pain this separation unleashed in the created world.   God is not vengeful.  He lovingly sent his son Jesus as a human child to reveal his true nature -- a caring, compassionate, loving God who suffers through every agony we endure and who will do everything possible to restore the relationships that human action so grievously corrupted.

Christine Sine and her husband are the founders of Mustard Seed Associates, a network of followers of Jesus that seeks to unleash the creative potential of individuals who want to put God's purposes first in their lives. She blogs at Godspace.

So, who/what do YOU say God is? in 100 Words or Less ...