I would tell them something about what I'm focusing on this year, which is discipline, clarity, and obedience.  I would say to discipline yourself in your walk with God, just as you discipline yourself to train in gymnastics. 

When I say to discipline yourself, I mean that we should read the Word.  Don't neglect spending time alone in the Word, then God will give you clarity, as you read His word.  And surround yourself with the right people, the people who have the same goal of growing in Christ.  I'm not saying that you should only hang around Christians, but make sure the people in your immediate circle have the same values and the same interests. 

Finally, I believe that once God gives us clarity, we need to be obedient.  Sometimes God wants us to be obedient even when what He is asking from us does not seem to make sense.  Since God sees the whole picture, it's important for us to trust him.

I would also encourage young gymnasts to understand that their value truly is not based on their athletic accomplishments.  No matter what happens on that floor, no matter what the judges say or what people think, they need to walk out there and perform their very best for God.  Envision God watching us do what He created us to do.  When God watches us do what He created us to do, I believe He truly is smiling.  I believe it gives Him great joy.

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