How do you make decisions about where and how to worship?

He helps me celebrate the Sabbats, and I attend special services at a church with him. Respect and love for each other allows us to do this.

If you have children, how do you raise them within a multi-faith household? How have the kids responded? How do you approach disagreements over child rearing?

Our daughter is a Christian, but she will call me to light candles, and do energy work for her and her family. Our sons are both quite metaphysical in their leanings. Again, I think mutual respect and love for each other allows us to face head on any disagreements that arise. We have taught the kids that the Creator is all around them. I suppose that Jacques has left most of the "religious" training to me.

Where do you notice your faith "difference" the most? The least?

I would suppose that at first, the biggest difference was attending church itself.  I feel that as long as Jacques doesn't try to minimize what I believe, I will afford him the same.

How did you blend your religious rituals and customs in your wedding?

We had a very basic ceremony. We were married at a small stone chapel in the woods. The pastor who performed the ceremony knew both of us and our beliefs, so it was simple and to the point, not having much of a particular religious content.

Have your basic beliefs regarding matters of faith changed since marriage?

Not really. He has joined more and more in helping me practice, but our core beliefs have remained the same.

Do you feel that the passion or completeness of your faith has diminished since marriage?

Not at all.

Do you feel your partner supports you in your faith journey?


And on the other side of the coin, do you feel pressured by your partner to conform to his/her faith?

Not in the least.

What other wisdom and stories would you like to share from your experience in an interfaith marriage?

I think the key is respecting your partner. If you respect them, and truly love them, you will not want them to compromise who they are. A wise person once told me not to marry a person hoping they will change, but marry a person hoping they will never change. I think that is what we have both done! My Stud Muffin, as I call him, supports me completely. He even insists on using a wand when we do ritual!! What more can a little old witch ask?

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