Kara RootKara Root

It had better be real.
As real as the contractions that ripped new life from my body.
As real as the rattle that strangled life out of his.
I've no use for a spiritual resurrection.
If Hope
for the drowned, damaged, disfigured, disowned,
is emotional ease,
if the pain of flesh and bones
is answered with mystical comfort,
if Guns are stronger than god,
then count me out.
But tell me that Death Loses,
tell me that Life Prevails,
and not in the abstract,
but in pulsing blood, flowing tears, thumping heart,
then the Resurrection
is Hope
for us all.

Kara Root is pastor of Lake Nokomis Presbyterian Church in Minneapolis, MN and blogs at in the hereandnow.

Chad HoltzChad Holtz

Gonna push all my chips to the center of the table and say, "All in."

I believe in resurrection not because I have to in order to be saved but because I get to stand in awe of my adoption.

Resurrection declares we are not alone. Resurrection is God's NO! to sin and YES! to Creation. Resurrection insists that God invaded our world, exploding history.

Resurrection is God's refusal of our rejection. Resurrection means God filled the abyss of sin and death and said "Oh no you don't."

It's not only real, it's true.

Resurrection is God saying, "All in."

Chad Holtz is a former student pastor about to complete his M.Div. at Duke Divinity School. He blogs at Dancing On Saturday.

Eliacin Rosario-CruzEliacin Rosario-Cruz

Resurrection does not matter because it is real. It is real because it matters. Resurrection is that which give us the ever-growing horizon of possibilities. This happening points and enlarges the habitual experience of the rhythm of life, pointing to the kernel of exuberant life even in the face of death and defeat. As Fr. Ernesto Cardenal said in reference to the 1979 Sandinista Revolution, "The revolution makes no sense unless there is a resurrection." It is the dunamis that propel and draw us to hopeful, just, and creative living. 

Eliacin Rosario-Cruz is a Postulant for Priesthood in The Episcopal Church and a M.Div. student at the School for Theology and Ministry at Seattle University. He blogs at Eliacin Rosario-Cruz.